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Whisky…a Drink Loved by All    By: Mahesh Fona
Whisky is loved all over the world because of its aromas and flavors. Whisky is a natural product and whisky making is a time-honored craft. For many people ... a rush of alcohol other characteristics will follow quickly. Holding your mouth open slightly when nosing should help you take in more of the whisky s aromas.
Roommates: Can or Can’t Live with Them    By: Bill Hinson
Having differences among roommates can weigh heavily on the minds of roommates, but there are numerous solutions to keeping your living arrangement from ... are polar opposites, doesn’t mean that you can’t cohabitate the same place. By working together and compromising can vastly increase your roommate experience.
Where Is Your Life Going?    By: Michael A. Verdicchio
Is your life all that you desire it to be right now? Where do you want your life to go? One of the biggest things that will hinder you from reaching your ... on what you desire for your life. Refuse to entertain any negative thoughts of where you are today. Delete them just like you delete a "pop-up" on the computer!
Intensive Treatment at A Place for Hope    By: Gregory Jantz
Dr. Wayne Dyer states, "What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change out lives, we need to stretch our minds." The Center for Counseling ... s entire staff is skilled at providing therapeutic assistance, optimism, and a path to recovery that authenticates the mind expansion theme of Dyer s quote.
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