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Web development for higher visitor traffic    By: Raj Andrews
Web design is an indispensable part of the construction of a website. Successful web design requires constant efforts on the part of the web designer. Web ... the eye of the visitor must feel lured when your web pages are opened. Only then can web development and web design ensure higher profitability for your business.
Xoops Hosting    By: Ravi Kapse
Anyone can boast of being the best Xoops hosting services provider in the industry but we at JaguarPC.com can definitely assure you that we do it in the right ... So choose JaguarPC.com, for lightning-fast, powerful servers and great support, both of which are offered at an affordable price. So, talk to us right away!
Tips on Choosing Good Icons    By: Merlia Joseph
Computer icons are graphical symbols that represent a property, function, or entity. Icons in computer applications are used to execute commands and open ... context of your user interface, 3) the icons are generic and do not have any cultural impact, and 4) finally check if the images are clear when size is scaled down.
Web Site Design    By: Asmat Zehra
A Web site is a collection of information about a particular topic or subject. Designing a web site is defined as the arrangement and creation of web pages that ... a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, exchanging links with other web sites, creating affiliations with similar web sites, etc. Reference: Wikipedia.org
Static Versus Shared IP Addresses    By: Jeff Kane
When your site is hosted on a server it is given an IP address. This is the numerical address or location of the site that various servers and backbones around ... site, a static IP is probably the best way to go, or at least use a shared IP on a dedicated server you run so you know what other sites are sharing that IP.
Tips from Leading Web Design Company on Improving Web Design    By: Alan Smith
The World Wide Web is one of the fastest growing marketplaces, with thousands of companies launching their websites daily! So how do you get your website ... article contains some basic, yet important tips for effective web design. Follow them to achieve greater online profits and increased web traffic. Copyright 2008
Why do people use Website templates?    By: Artem Klenkoff
Template Usage Advantages Why do people use Webpage templates? Because this type of web design has some very attractive and vital advantages! It is much ... We are very active in tracing and repressing the illegal resale or distribution of our templates. This keeps your template and website as exceptional as possible!
How Healthy Is Your Website?    By: Sarah Folgea
One of the first symptoms we like to diagnose are finding what areas the website is under achieving results in and determine the weaknesses of the website. ... to fool the search engines. Search for any hidden code that may be the cause and get rid of it. This tool is a great way to begin the diagnosis of your website.
Going for Shared Hosting? There is something better to choose    By: Abdul Vasi
When people look for some hosting services, they get bombarded with so many options. If you are one of those persons who are currently facing such problems then ... than VPS. However, you should always go for utility comparison before going with any of the hosting services as this can really make or break your business.
Learn more about website hosting    By: Smit Mathur
There are various Website hosting services available. The best Website hosting Service would be that meets all your requirements. First of all, you need to work ... hosting Australia are dedicated hosting service, managed hosting service, Co-location web hosting service, clustered hosting, Grid hosting and Home server.
Why Web Page Layout is Important    By: Shonna Brannon
One of the most important things you need to consider when thinking of your website is a good design and layout. Your website will be the center of your online ... to consider the design and layout of your website before you design it or hire someone to do it for you, then you will bring success to your online business.
The Winning Features of an Interactive Web site Design    By: Cyrus Bilimoria
Interactive web site designs are in huge demand nowadays. Everybody wants a website that is both appealing and attractive to the users. Looking at the ... might look more appealing to you, but a lot depends upon the company you choose to hand over your project. So choose well after proper research and due diligence.
The Best Web Designer Follows These Two Rules First    By: Peter Einheuser
There are a lot of things to consider when building a website. I wrote a couple of them in my article on "How to analyze good web design" (click here: ... improve the success of your website. If it is easy to use and readable by all, there are more chances that your website and ultimately your business will be successful.
Get You Community Website Designed From a Web Designing Company    By: Naman Jain
Some 10-15 years ago, we were contended to see advertisements on the billboards and in newspapers and magazines, but today with online advertising, we hardly ... site gradually in order to make it appear new and fresh. This is a good way to keep your community website active and bustling with users every now and then.
PPC Campaign Management.    By: Vikrant Saini
Do you want your sites to click and convert better for you? The "peel and stick" method is the answer. It's just that this time you're not "peeling and ... good CTRs, image ads get shown much less, and because of their impulse appeal, the traffic they bring in tends to be lower quality and won't convert as well to sales.
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