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Lower Tax Bills And Bookkeeping For Small Business    By: Terry Cartwright
Tax authorities are often relaxed about the need for small business to prepare and produce formal accounting records. Often the requirement is simply that each ... valid expense items can be missed having been dismissed as ordinary expenses which may be business related and therefore claimable in the financial accounts.
Is Legally Lowering Your Taxes Ethical?    By: Tom Wheelwright
When the income tax was first introduced in the early 20th century, it was a flat rate on high-income taxpayers. As the Government needed more money, the rate ... low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands."Warmest regards,Tom
Avoid UK Tax Problems By Knowing What Business Expenses Are Disallowed    By: Terry Cartwright
The costs of goods, materials or services purchased by a business which are for private use are not allowable for tax purposes. The disallowed element also ... as such debts have not been accounted for and also bad debts on fixed assets are not allowed as the loss is accounted for in the capital allowances calculations.
Your Stimulus Check Can Change Your Life    By: Nicole Calhoun
Before you buy that new pair of shoes or that red dress that you will look devilishly beautiful in with the "extra" money you either have already gotten or are ... nationís economy; change YOURS by starting your own home business. Youíll be glad you did, and so will this country because as you increase, so will others!
Business Tax Reform In The UK Introduces Annual Investment Allowance    By: Terry Cartwright
When a business buys a long term fixed asset it is normal to depreciate that capital asset over a number of years to smooth out the effect on net profit. ... which have a written down balance for tax purposes of under 1,000 pounds will be entitled to write off the total written down value as a capital allowance.
Tax Advantages of having an MLM Business Opportunity    By: Colin Meunier
MLM professionals use a lot of promotional talk when they are trying to build their network. They speak about MLMs being the easiest businesses to enter into ... comes. These significant tax breaks can be one of the great impetuses to you to enter into your own MLM business opportunity. Copyright (c) 2008 Colin Meunier
Govt Tax Lien Home    By: Patricia Stevenson
Have you ever thought that you would like to become a real estate investor?† Many people have thought about it but thought that in todayís tough real estate ... even.† Somebody will buy the house for what you paid.† You did, right?† Take a risk on a govt. tax lien home.† I think you will find the risk well worth taking.
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