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Learn Currency Trading - Anyone Can Learn to Win If They Understand This Key Fact    By: Kelly Price
Anyone can learn currency trading it's a learned skill not a born gift but the fact is that 95% of traders lose. So why don't they win? Simple, they don't ... end of the day don't beat the trader the trader beats himself - want to win? There is nothing to stop you, get the right education and mindset and your all set.
Developing Your Own Personal Forex Trading System    By: Andrew Daigle
The best Forex trading system is a combination of currency trading strategies that fit your trading style, your temperament, and risk/reward ratio. There is no ... profits, and thus, preservation is as important as profit. Always have the intention to trade for a long period of time with consistently limited risks.
Stock markets had worst half year since 1970    By: Mike Wright
The half year report card for global stock markets was not one to be proud of. The first half of 2008 was the worst first half to a year for the Dow Jones ... last week. On the same note, US pending home sales are released on Tuesday. Bad news is expected for both, the only question being how bad the news actually is.
Surging Chinese and Indian growth to spur oil crunch    By: Fat Prophets
The International Energy Agency (IEA) says Chinese and Indian crude oil imports will almost quadruple by 2030, creating a supply "crunch" as soon as 2015.The ... every US$4 invested in oil infrastructure, US$3 will be needed to slow declining rates in existing fields, while US$1 will go to new production, Birol said.
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