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Boat Safety Advice Staying Safe On The Water    By: Mark Andrews
Never ever under estimate the power of water! If you plan on buying a kayak or canoe this summer either for recreational leisure or perhaps a spot of fishing, ... estimate the power of water. Have respect for it at all times, be well prepared and there really is no reason why you shouldn't have lots of enjoyment upon it.
Best Top Advice Guide for Buying a Used Boat    By: Mark Andrews
Are you considering buying a yacht or a boat for the season ahead? Here I will attempt to provide you with some top buying advice, providing you with a guide ... the equation? Are you prepared for how long it takes to get a yacht or a boat into the water from a slipway and back out again onto your trailer and vehicle?
It's a Great Time To Photograph At The Zoo    By: Suzane Vandegrift
Where else can you go and spend a day photographing wild and exotic animals for just a few dollar admittance fee? The zoo, of course! You can take your time ... film or memory cards loaded with fabulous wildlife images. Just remember; be prepared, follow the rules, stay safe, be polite, and have a great day at the zoo.
The Hiking Terrain In Maine    By: Jack Link
It is best known to plan out your track even before contemplating how long and how far your hike will take you. It should be notably understood that many of the ... forget that the sun is out and your actually using a lot of fluid and hydration is key. The higher the altitude, the more likely you are to become nauseated.
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