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Stress Between Work and Lifestyle    By: Crystal Chan
The demands of life and work are contributing factors to our age of anxiety just as much as a person s lifestyle, diet, personality, and heredity. Whenever work ... for the nation, not to mention a few bonafide corporate scandals.Work and lifestyle can kill. Preventing this from happening depends on many considerations.
Vegetarianism: What You Should Know    By: E.s. Cromwell
Vegetarianism is a dietary choice, yet more so a change in one s lifestyle. Being a vegetarian includes excluding the eating of meat from animals, including ... it is utterly foul and unappetizing to think about and/or ingest meat products and their by-products, whether from aesthetically or morally grounded stances.
Men Attitudes Defining Lifestyle    By: Jack Kallis
Attitude is the word that guides our life and our way of living. It depends on us how we want to approach towards it. It makes our life either fun to live or ... negativities of life as natural and that difficulty are a part of everyone’s life will give more strength to understand then with a calm mind and deal with them.
Bartending With Style and Strategy    By: Dirk Blurd
For those who are interested in bartending, Setting up is really quite easy. However, there are few aspects that one must know in order to a good and efficient ... bartending courses are now offered online. Mainly because, it is a high paying job and is also a fun way to work. Bartending lets you meet new acquaintances.
Live healthy with Feng Shui health    By: Amit Bhalla
We do thousands of things like exercising, dieting, and some of us even visit health clubs and weight loss centers to remain hale and hearty. And yet fail in ... factors are used to cure all kinds of acute and chronic treatments. Hence, do not wait any more and look ahead to live a healthy life through Feng Shui health.
Do You Need to Balance Your Life?    By: Maurine Patten
Living in a world that keeps changing almost faster than time itself, most of you are aware of the time squeeze to get things done. The pressures at work can ... time. It also increases your confidence in the choices you are making. What choices are you going to make that will help you focus and keep your balance?
Tips On Wholesale Wedding Favors    By: Joe Palladino
You can find various local shops wherever you live as well as online websites for wholesale wedding favors. Many will give discounts to retailers, wedding ... on because if you have to return the products then it will cause you other problems and time lost.So be careful and take your time before you buy anything in bulk.
Kickstart Your Life: 9 Helpful Ways    By: Dennis Harting
1.Give more than anyone asks or expects. Become a person who goes the extra mile in all that you do. Look at each situation and determine what extra you will ... knowledge base. Learn new skills that will enhance you financially, mentally, and physically. Garner and utilize the knowledge available to better your life.
Hedonism And The Meaning of Life    By: Jeff Popick
Hedonism is a lifestyle of self-indulgence for one s own pleasure. On its face, it seems pretty good. But what if my pleasure is using your swimming pool … or ... doing things for your own good is not how you should live. Yes, you will find you have done yourself a great favor, but, ironically, not the reason to do them.
Work And Personal Time- It's A Sign?    By: Amanda Young
Today more and more people are experiencing burnout, insomnia, and stress. Why is that? Many people have a very busy life. We all would like more time in the ... your time worth it. With the right dose of work and personal life, your time will be more productive. Your time will start to move forward on the right road.
Life Mapping: A Vision of Success    By: Anand Subramanian
Origin: Who you areA map has a starting point. Your origin is who you are right now. Most people when asked to introduce themselves would say, “Hi, I’m Jean ... diseases by the age of 30; getting deployed in local public hospitals of their town by the age of 32; and serving as doctor in war-torn areas by the age of 35.
Can Books Transform Your Life?    By: Kathy Porter
My resolution for the New Year: I will start a community of readers. The book we will start with? Catch! The Fishmongers Guide to Greatness, by Cyndi ... spills over into creating team synergy in its best form. "On the path to greatness..." . What a dynamic, unifying thought to rally a team around, until the next book.
10 romantic ideas for retirees    By: Johnson Tee
Retirement is a new adventure in everybody’s life. A time comes when he or she has to take a break from 9 to 5 jobs. That time is called the retirement. Life ... classes. Bunk classes and watch movies. Take them on a charity date or volunteer together for any charitable organization. This can give them peace of mind.
Cheap Flowers Need More Time    By: Frank Vanderlugt
Cheap flowers can be had, either for yourself or as a gift, if you’re willing to spend a little time to save some money. All flowers are beautiful, and most ... give you an even better bargain.Cheap flowers don’t have to mean poor quality. Fresh blooms, great fragrance and discount savings can be had if you pay attention.
Coping With Early Retirement    By: Bart Rutherford
Early retirement is a situation you may face either by choice or by force due to compelling circumstances. If you voluntarily choose to retire early, then in ... of what Winston Churchill once said, "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty". And keep going.
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