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Average Credit Cards with Great Rates    By: Aubrey Clark
Average credit cards are usually low on features and carry higher rates when compared to other credit cards. Most of the credit cards that consumers will find ... credit is very good, or those whose credit is very poor. However, if you take your time, read the fine print, you can find great deals on average credit cards.
Preparation for Your Loan    By: Molly Wider
When most individuals decide to make a large purchase, such as a home or a car, they carefully examine their finances to ensure that they will be able to make ... are not able to make repayments, there will be serious consequences. By taking the right steps, you can ensure that your loan experience will be a good one.
What To Do If You Are Dropped By Your Homeowner Insurance Company    By: Jim Waltrip
Have insurance companies lost their shirts this last decade in payouts from hurricanes, terrorist attacks, wild fires and tornados? Not necessarily, but such ... policy that will cover you until you leave the high-risk pool. Just put the time into due diligence and you won't be left stranded without homeowner insurance.
How a Stay At Home Mom Owing Over $24,000. Became Debt Free    By: Elizabeth Bambara
Who decides how you live your life? Do you, or your credit card bills? More and more people are finding their debt ruling their lives. What about you? If ... it's Your plan.
  • A budget or spending plan.
  • Debt Management Plan.
  • Plans to increase your income.
  • Wealth building plan.
Beat the Credit Squeeze With Flexible Business Finance    By: Terry Cartwright
Five proactive steps a business can take to beat the credit squeeze including business finance, planning and taking a positive approach to meeting and solving ... options and if increased business finance is required for growth or survival in the future, the higher level of personal dialogue will ease that route forward.
3 More Surefire Ways to Stay Broke    By: Tony Mase
Are you broke? Want to stay that way? I can help you... In a previous article, I shared with you three *surefire* ways to stay broke. Just in case they ... irresistible power..." Now... Wallace D. Wattles intended these words for those who wanted to create wealth in their lives, not those who wanted to stay broke.
Why Would I Consider a Car-Title Loan?    By: Molly Wider
Many of us have never heard of a car-title loan and thus wouldn't consider it as an option if we needed money quickly. But individuals who can't get money from ... only alternative is falling into the credit card trap. For these individuals, a car title loan might just be the best solution when money is urgently needed.
Understanding What Is A FICO Score And Tips On Hiring The Best Credit Repair Service    By: Damon Decrescenzo
FICO score is a credit scoring system that was developed in the1950s by Fair Isaac & Co. Today, the three major credit reporting bureaus Experian, Equifax and ... that they make improvements to their FICO score steadily. You can improve your FICO score and repair your credit report by hiring the best credit repair firm.
Three Secrets For Getting the Best Credit Card Rates    By: Sean Masterson
Want to know how to get the best credit card rates ever? No, it's not a pie-in-the-sky promise. It's a fact. I'm going to tell you exactly how to get those ... for on a cash-only basis. And with those three tips, my friends, you can with the rate game and make sure you always have the best credit card rates possible.
The Best Health Insurance Plans For You    By: Marilyn Katz
Lots of Americans need to buy health insurance, and when they do, they have one question. They ask what the best health insurance plan is for their family. We ... services according to a benefit schedule. Before you purchase a plan like this, you really need to make sure the schedule is in line with current medical costs.
Debt and Money ­­— Four Popular Myths Debunked    By: Rob Smith
There are some widely accepted beliefs about debt, money, and other personal finance issues that aren't etched in stone as we've been lead to believe. Could it ... and bankruptcies today. A fixed rate mortgage where principal and interest payments remain the same over the loan term, is a much better strategy.
Personal Lines Of Credit Instead Of Overdraft Agreements    By: Melissa Kellett
Almost everyone with a bank account has obtained an overdraft agreement and uses it from time to time when they find themselves short on cash. However, what not ... your cash needs. And though they carry the risk of repossession, among lines of credit, home equity lines of credit are undoubtedly the best choice.
Refinance And Benefit From Your Equity    By: Melissa Kellett
Not everyone knows that by refinancing you can also take advantage of the equity you have built on your home and get extra cash for whatever purpose you may ... the very same property protecting his investment. In many cases you can get up to a 1% interest rate reduction if you use the money for home improvements.
Yes, You Can Earn Extra Money Online! Follow These Simple Business Success Tips To Get Started    By: Donald Pratt
If you are having a hard time finding ways to extra money online, you are not alone. Thousands of people are trying to find ways to make extra money from home ... up to you. But I hope having this knowledge is helpful in finding the right online opportunity for you, so that you can successfully earn the extra you desire.
Losing Financial Control and Gaining it Back With Credit Counseling    By: E.s. Cromwell
Lately, your head has been spinning with numbers and figures while attempting to sort out your finances you're financially dizzy and wobbling thanks to a fair ... midways between you and your involved creditors. This, on its own, takes your credit and financial troubles and places them into proper, knowledgeable hands.
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