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Emotions Located In The Brain    By: Frank Vanderlugt
Emotions, those simple little things that tug at our “heart-strings,” and are said to separate us from the lower animals. Yet, they have baffled and befuddled ... cats in a sack one minute, and then in a loving embrace the next? Granted, that is an over-simplified portrayal of most relationships, but it is rooted in fact.
7 Quick Stress Busters    By: Deborah Mumm
Somedays things just never seem to go as you hoped. Your heart races, you start getting a headache and you wish the day would just end. Next time stress takes ... you find yourself in the mid-afternoon slump. Black, white or green teas have been known to be good for your heart as well as giving your metabolism a boost.
Simple And Effective Ways To Control Anger    By: Zafrian Zakaria
Simple And Effective Ways To Control Anger For most of us we have all suffered from a inability to control anger at some stage of our life. However constantly ... control over your anger, the easier it will become. This will have a profound effect on your life. You will feel more relaxed and more clam then ever before.
Stress Reduction - Which Techniques can be used to Reduce Stress    By: Dr John Anne
Stress is a psychological experience that affects body and mind profoundly. It is true that a certain amount of stress does the wonder; however, acute or ... counseling and meditation are two crucial factors of such therapies. These techniques are truly beneficial for lowering blood pressure and gastric problems.
5 Eating Habits that Can Lower Stress    By: Jen Wasilewski
Think the only way to cope with stress is to hit the kitchen for some of you re favorite ice cream? We often console our selves through rich comfort foods but ... give you the boost you need without the down time. Use whole grain breads, rices, and pastas to prepare you re meals and your body and mind will thank you.
Rework Your Life's Blueprint for a Stress Free Retirement    By: Carm Paynter
During school/college it seemed so easy to develop any number of ideas to really change the world. Ideas were so easy to develop when we were there because ... as well as free information for you to download. Come on over for a visit and participate in our retirement community if you would like. See web address below.
From Delegation To Deletion - Make More Room for What Matters Most to You    By: Krissy Jackson
A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about delegation. I enjoy managing my business and delegating out any and all tasks that I can. Instead, I focus my ... and doing. Make a note of these 5 words and post them in your work area where you can see them. It will keep you focused managing your time effectively.
Thriving on the Burden of Stress to Find a Stopper    By: Li Ming Wong
You have a few flexible benefit plans, for finding a guide to Thriving on stress to discover the relief you need to function well in society. Literature to ... We can learn to meditate at our job, at home, or anywhere stressors mount up. Blossoming with a guide to thriving on stress will take you to the road to success.
Stress Relief Need Not Be Expensive    By: Catya Asilo
Yesterday, I got the shock of my life when a woman suddenly stood in front of me as I waited in line inside my favorite coffee shop. The woman was in her ... undertake. It can be as simple as getting a pet or breathing slowly. Stress and anxiety need not cause you to spend money on psychotherapy or anti-anxiety pills.
The 10 Essentials for Relieving Stress    By: Francheska Saunders
Let s accept the fact that everybody gets stressed out once in awhile whether it s because of work, personal problems, or financial problems. Stress spares no ... cognitive functioning. You are more efficient, a faster learner, and moves more quickly after taking a mid-day sleep. Do at least a 30-minute catnap.
Brain Training for Stress Management: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs    By: Alvaro Fernandez
Stanford University s Robert Sapolsky and others have shown how chronic stress may contribute to the death of neurons in our brains.The question is, with all ... in this technique for stress management. The main bottleneck for growth? the existing number of qualified instructors does not meet the increasing demand.
Understanding Intense Emotions -- How to Manage Today's Heightened Levels of Stress    By: Mashubi Rochell
Today s world is changing at the most accelerated rates ever, and our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits are all being affected by these larger changes. Have ... to emerge from an endless well. Or, we may have endured unexpected life crises which trigger deep and painful wounds that feel like they will never be healed.
7 Secrets to a Stress Free Thanksgiving and Holiday Season    By: Paula Gregorowicz
Before you know it Thanksgiving will be upon us. In just over a week we will sit down once again with our families (biological and/or chosen) and gorge upon a ... brings.If you follow these tips you can almost feel the stress melting off of you and making room for you to enjoy the juiciness of this autumn holiday.
How To Take Care of Yourself in Stressful Situations    By: Jennifer Koretsky
Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can get very easily overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed out during the times when a lot is required of us. And ... be no good to anyone!These tips apply whether you re traveling, busy at work, or preparing for the holidays. Remember them! Copyright (c) 2007 Jennifer Koretsky
The Importance of Relaxation in Thriving on Stress    By: Li Ming Wong
With advanced technology on the rise, scientists are exploring the benefits of electromyography, often known as EMG machines. Since, some people have nervous ... so. When the mood strikes giving chase through the jungle by a savage creature, known as negative thinking we often struggle to find a guide to thrive on stress.
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