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Other Stroller Accessories Improve Your Stroller    By: David Cummings
When you purchase a stroller, there are a few things that come with it, such as the covered hood to help keep the sun out of the babies eyes and the basket ... or accidently knocking into something or someone at a crowded mall. Having other stroller accessories can make your stroller even better for you and your child.
Single Strollers Keep You Going    By: David Cummings
Single strollers are made for a single infant or child. They come in many shapes and sizes, different fabrics and colors. Most of the single strollers adjust ... not that expensive and hook on to the framework of single strollers. Your older child will enjoy a ride along on the single strollers and everyone will be happy.
Echo Boomer Brain Bust    By: Scott Charmel
I was flipping channels at about 3am trying to locate the next invention that was going to change my life and the world for $19.95. Soon I channel-surfed my ... no such thing as unattainable. Educational toys may not be the solution to all the world’s problems but in my opinion I think they are a good place to start.
The Price of Parenthood: How to Move Beyond Crisis    By: Daryl Green
Introduction Although the summer is almost over, the temperature just got hotter. With the news that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s ... By adequately preparing activities and setting priorities, parents can minimize the pressures of a new school year. It is not too late to regain control.
5 Easy and Sexy Makeover Ideas for New Moms    By: Salena Kulkarni
With the arrival of your new baby, you probably feel like your world took on a different spin. Demanding feeding times and countless sleepless nights leave you ... Being a new mom is a good reason to make small changes in yourself. The mini makeovers are easy to do, inexpensive and safe. Go ahead, you deserve it.
Cold Sores: Are They Effectful To The Children's    By: Nick Clipton
Fever blisters, another name give to cold sores are small, fluid-filled blisters that crop up on or near the lips. They can appear in clusters or individually. ... In the future, we may be able to further protect the infant with vaccines for the mother, the infant, or both, and treat them with more potent medications.
Bicycle Trailers – Peddling Fun that Includes the Baby    By: David Cummings
When you as a parent want to go for a bicycle ride or exercise using your bicycle, you might want to take your child along with you, but bicycle seats are ... infants can’t hold on or sit up like toddlers and older children can. They must be protected and a carrier or car seat is the best way to protect them from bumps.
There's A Lion In My Living Room    By: Rebecca Eskin
My seven year old son wants to know why he can't download Disney movies while I'm working. I explain to him that when he downloads videos, it takes up all the ... Later when the children are all in bed and Simba and Nala are all tucked in for the night I will once again fly through limitless cable at a ludicrous speed.
What is a Baby Monitor?    By: Tim Sudarmadi
A baby monitor is a very handy equipment for parents to feel at ease when they can't be in the same room as their child. At night you can sleep in another room ... with additional features such as visible signals or LED lights that indicate sound level, or even better, those monitors with a vibrating alert feature.
Wraparound Baby Carriers for Baby Bonding    By: David Cummings
Wraparound baby carriers are very versatile and can help you carry your baby from birth to the toddler years, depending on how much weight you can carry. They ... by their parents. Babies are usually very responsive to this type of swaddling and closeness. What better way to show your baby the love he or she deserves!
Baby Stroller Accessories for Parenting Pleasure    By: David Cummings
There are countless baby stroller accessories to choose from when outfitting your child’s stroller for a more comfortable ride. There is everything from extra ... to the back of the stroller, allowing the toddler to sit behind the baby and ride along with them, basically making a single stroller into a stroller for two!
Baby Travel Systems – Strollers with Extras    By: David Cummings
Baby travel systems have come a long way since the small, rickety strollers of years ago. Today you can find a stroller in the shape of most any tractor or ... car seat as an attachment. Many of the baby travel systems come with accessories such as built-in toys, cup holders, baskets and sometimes matching diaper bags.
Animal Marionettes and Hand Puppets Help Get Proper Attention from Your Child    By: Marina Neiman
Raising a child can be a difficult task for anyone, no matter how much education and training you've had you will still not ever completely understand ... them as their real pet. Incorporating these animal puppets into your child's life will definitely be an added plus and you both will flourish from them in the end.
New Mothers: 5 Minute Tips To Cope When Other Moms Compare    By: Salena Kulkarni
You finally feel confident socializing after your baby is born. And you finally find someone you have a lot in common with. However, when you are trying to ... they have spent so much time with their babies that they don't have much to talk about. Sharing your concern with a friend will alleviate future frustration.
A child's four most important lessons    By: Megan Moore
There are so many good reasons that our children don’t come with manuals, however who hasn’t found themselves wishing for the troubleshooting section in the ... thought processes such as problem solving and brainstorming. We as parents are building our children’s futures, today ! They deserve our best efforts !
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