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Email Marketing with Holiday Cards Builds Loyalty    By: Robert Burko
The right email marketing software can dramatically help boost the loyalty of customers with some simple, yet thoughtful, holiday email postcards. This truly is ... for your customer s attention is at an all time high, wouldn t you rather be the company that stands out from the crowd and connects to your customers?
Email Marketing Software Boosts Business with eCoupons    By: Robert Burko
Email marketing software has long been praised for its ability to help businesses keep in contact with customers, boost their brand, and drive traffic to their ... email marketing software as part of your marketing mix, the sooner you will be able to level the playing field and see how eCoupons can benefit your business.
Efficient Email Archiving – Learning to Deal with Backups and Legacy Mail    By: Jim Reinert
Email has become the lifeblood of business. More than any other means of communication or business tool, companies rely on electronic messages – often stored on ... archiving systems can also provide additional benefits, including the ability to automatically migrate messaging system content to other storage media.
The changing attitude of the facebook generation towards email    By: Alex Fenwick
It wasn’t too long ago that social networks didn’t exist. You actually had to speak to one another, in person. The quickest, cheapest (and well, best) way of ... reputation they carry.I would love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve said. Whether you agree or disagree, it’d be great to let me know what you think.
To Find What You Need Use The Hotmail Reverse Email Search    By: Ed Opperman
Hotmail is a A free internet-based email service provided by Microsoft that allows users up to 250MB of storage space. With over 200 million webmail users ... use the Hotmail tool if you need to do a reverse email search. You may be able to find the information you need if you just take the time to do the search.
Email Marketing Software Drives Sales with Landing Pages    By: Robert Burko
Email marketing software has clearly proven itself as not only an important component of the marketing mix, but also as a pivotal medium for driving up sales. ... ve already opened your email and clicked on a link, so the last thing you want to do is make them work even more to find the information they re looking for.
Top 3 Ways MySpace Bands Use Email Marketing Programs    By: Robert Burko
While MySpace has become the platform for bands and musicians to plug in to the global community and promote their talents, many artists are looking into new ... connection.With intense competition to get attention, using an email marketing program can give your MySpace profile a boost and give your band an extra edge.
Why This Internet Email Marketing Strategy Works    By: Jeff Schuman
Are you still searching for a Internet email marketing strategy that you can use to make more money? Regardless of what you have read email marketing is still ... is one that involves getting new subscribers one at a time and then working to keep them. Anyone can do that if they have the right attitude about doing it.
Maleware...A New Threat    By: Scott Jarvis
The Internet and to some extent you email can contain hazardous materials that pose a risk to your computer. As time passes these threats become increasingly ... masses of internet users. It is for this reason alone that all of us, even those of us with profound experience should always stay educated about such topics.
Creating a Comprehensive Opt-In List Made Easy    By: Andrea Chin
Emails are frequently used to distribute newsletters, promotional mails, and various other kinds of material. To profit from this type of marketing strategy, ... for what you are offering and thus, sales prospects. Obtaining a targeted opt-in list can dramatically boost your sales, so these tools are certainly essential.
The Listbuilding Mindset    By: Brian Worley
"The money is in the list" - it s one of those phrases we toss around all the time and you have heard it a million times. But that is only because it s the ... some form of free mini-course over a single Product. Because with each mailing of the mini course you have more opportunity to start building credibility & trust.
How Opt-In Email Lists Can Help You Hit It Off Instantly on the Internet    By: Tania Penwell
The usher of new marketing strategies-this is the age of Internet marketingGone are the days when well dressed company executives used to meet you personally to ... but you have to employ the right marketing trick. Avail the advantage of opt- in email lists; you are sure to click it off in the cyber world very soon.
Is Emailing The Best Way To Communicate?    By: Terry Detty
It is not a good idea to replace calls with emails when contacting with a potential client. Some people use email to sell products, to avoid the humiliation of ... communicating. Make sure that the words like "we" should be avoided and replaced with the word "you". The customer feels that he is being directly referred to.
Common Email Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.    By: Chris Haycock
Email marketing can be very effective for promoting your business. It is a tricky area though and it is easy to make mistakes if you don t know the right ... service is a great way to earn their loyalty. It is easy to sell something to a consumer but much harder to please them so they will come back again and again.
Why Use Contact Forms?    By: Ted Peterson
For an easy communication form, individuals and businesses, use contact forms for their guests. This gives all visitors a way to communicate with your business ... language. All you have to do is fill in the information, copy the code that is generated, and then paste the code onto the appropriate page of your website.
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