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Why Free Ipod Music Downloads Matter    By: Hilary Mujikwa
It is not hard to see that the Ipod is probably the most popular of the all the MP3 players to hit the market in recent years. With the massive storage ... their customers happy. So you might find that you are getting free downloads the more that you stick around and near the more special occasions in during the year.
Benefits Of Music Education    By: Kevin Tuck
Three Powerful Reasons why children benefit from music education as part of their Curriculum, especially at a young age. There has been plenty of research done ... R Dennis & R L Newcomb. Neurological Res.19:2-8. 1997 4. M F Gardiner, A Fox, F Knowles & D Jeffrey. Learning improved by arts training. Nature 381:284. 1996.
What Not to do When Playing Guitar    By: Charlie Wallace
When guitar players watch each other, usually they try to pick up on all the bad things that they are doing rather than the good things, I'm sure you know what ... cases their whole life! It takes a long time to get really good at guitar no matter how you learn. But stick at it, and one day all that work will pay off.
Learn To Play Guitar Tips and Resources    By: Lamar Deane
Learning to play guitar is an exciting and enriching activity that can bring hugh rewards in self confidence and personal satisfaction. Guitar provides ... keep in mind when learning how to play guitar is that playing should be enjoyable. Learning to play guitar is like a long journey...you don't get there overnight.
How To Memorize The Guitar Fretboard    By: Ricky Sharples
Would you like to memorize the guitar fretboard? Would you like to be a fluid, adaptable guitar player? Ideally, you should be able to play the guitar as easily ... confidence that you "know the fretboard". The alternative is to be hampered by not knowing the notes on your guitar as is the case with so many guitarists.
Learn To Play Blues Guitar    By: Ricky Sharples
An excellent way you can learn to play blues guitar is by listening to the work of the pioneer blues musicians and learning their material. The music you will ... the guitar tabs of their music, you will find that the technical side of learning blues guitar is not so difficult. Good luck with finding that bluesy feeling!
Take a trip through the ambient music garden and see what all the fuss is about.    By: Dan Marshall
I asked a friend the other day, "what is your favourite piece of ambient music?" If I had known his reaction to this very simple question, I might just have ... again a quick search with Google for instance will help by bringing you the many websites that sell CD s such as Ambientmusicgarden and Amazon for example.
The Bass Guitar Solo    By: Ricky Sharples
The bass guitar is an integral part of any band these days. It started life in the nineteen thirties as a more user-friendly alternative to the double bass but ... you want to use to play bass, it is just a matter of practice and developing some kind of individual style before you begin working out your own solos.
Easy Songs For The Guitar    By: Ricky Sharples
If you want to learn to play the guitar you will need some easy songs to work on. The job of finding songs could be a bit tricky if you are not clear about what ... words like "easy tabs" or "easy arrangement" in your search. It will not take long for you to collect some easy songs to start you off as a guitar player.
Learn How To Read Guitar Tabs    By: Ricky Sharples
If you are learning guitar you have probably heard about tablature, or tabs. As a new guitar player you are anxious to start playing songs, and you have been ... but if you work at learning your guitar tabs you will find that you will be able to play guitar just as well as a guitarist with a knowledge of musical notation.
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