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How to exercise after pregnancy    By: Pearlin Siow
What you should do and not do to stay on the right path of exercise after pregnancy? Do’s • Consult your doctor before you exercise after pregnancy. • ... you are willing to try new things and set reasonable expectations, you’ll reap the rewards of your fitness program and successfully achieve your fitness goals.
Advice from the Underbelly    By: Jennifer Wider Md
When I was pregnant with my first child, I had no absolutely no idea what to expect. I went about my business as if nothing was different. At work I'd ... with her physician husband, and their daughter and son, in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Her book, The New Mom's Survival Guide, is available now from Bantam Books.
Fear of Having a Baby    By: Lyta Humphris
Fear of having a baby is called Tokophobia, and one in six women suffer from it. Sufferers of Tokophobia are split into two groups, and quite often starts ... a good hypnotherapist who is also interested in HypnoBirthing or Natural birthing. She should overcome the fear of having a baby. It is very gentle and relaxing.
What Triple Jogging Strollers Offer to Everyday Parenting    By: David Cummings
Triple jogging strollers are as rare as triplets. It is difficult to maneuver a stroller that is three babies wide through some areas, but it can be done, and ... their performance. If you have triplets or three small children close in age and size, triple jogging strollers can help you with your everyday parenting needs.
Baby Tote Diaper Bags Adjust to Your Child’s Needs    By: David Cummings
Baby tote diaper bags are large bags, usually made of canvas and sometimes have a pocket or two inside and maybe one on the outside. They have large straps like ... needs change as she or he gets older and requires different items. From diapers and wipes to toys and sippy cups, baby tote diaper bags can handle it all.
Pregnancy Disability Insurance – Protect Your Income for a Truly Safe Pregnancy    By: John Massa
Missing work during and after pregnancy has become a common occurrence. According to a 2002 study, 29% of short term disabilities (180 days or less) and 12% of ... maternity disability can be planned for in an affordable manner to help ensure a truly safe pregnancy where your family’s quality of life remains unaffected.
Healthy Pregnant Women – Snickers Bars, Starbucks, and Dolly Madison    By: John Franco
Healthy pregnant women are conscious of their baby's health as well as their own. As the title of this article suggests, this won’t be an in depth ... few precautions that healthy pregnant women can take, to have a happy and healthy delivery. And be that much closer to getting back into shape after delivery too!
Personalized Announcements for Baby, Birth, Pregnancy, Adoption and More!    By: Sarah Porter
Printed Birth Announcements, Baby Announcements & Photo Announcements Cards Is there anything more exciting than knowing you are going to have a baby? When the ... announcement. They can even help you choose the right words to say. It will definitely be something that you and everyone around you will always cherish.
Having Breast Feeding Problems    By: Julia Sullivan
Sore nipples A lot of mothers complain about tender nipples that make breast feeding painful and frustrating. There is good news though, as most mothers don't ... experience swelling, tenderness, and heat in the area of the abscess. If the infection progresses this far, your doctor may prescribe medicine and even surgery.
A New Baby List - My Top Ten Baby Gear Essentials    By: Helen Burroughs
If you're a first time mom or mom to be, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed by all those "great baby products" out there. What you need is the ... little goody with my new baby. The warmth of a wheat bag on a sore little tummy beats every colic remedy on the market hands down. It soothes, relaxes and comforts.
Bringing Baby Home: Your Postpartum Plan    By: Lucy J Puryear Md
You went in to this pregnancy with one goal in mind; bringing a new baby into your home. One of the most important ways you can prepare for this enormous event ... You're Expecting by Lucy Puryear, copyright (c) Lucy Puryear. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
How Mothers Can Fight Against Diseases In Babies    By: Julia Sullivan
The especial province of the mother is the prevention of disease, not its cure. When disease attacks the child, the mother has then a part to perform, which it ... management in the time of sickness; but they will be severally dwelt upon, when the diseases with which they are more particularly connected are spoken of.
Naturopathic Care For Your Baby    By: Julia Sullivan
Complementary medical care has gained increasing popularity in recent years. More and more people are seeking natural alternatives to healing. It's no surprise, ... Association of Naturopathic Physicians will help you locate a naturopathic doctor in your area through the organization's website www.naturopathic.org.
Flu Protection For Your Baby    By: Julia Sullivan
It's that time of year again: flu season. Each year, millions of people hunker down in the fall to prepare for the annual onset of influenza outbreaks. With the ... is a serious concern, especially for parents of newborns. But simple, common sense strategies can help you keep your baby healthy throughout the flu season.
Gifts That Keep Giving For Your Baby    By: Julia Sullivan
People love to buy baby gifts. Clothes, toys, the newest gadgets - they are all favorites of the savvy shopper. But a newborn quickly outgrows many of the gifts ... growth and development. Not only are they fun to give, they give a little something back as you enjoy watching their benefits unfold in a child's life.
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