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Muir Woods – A Journey to a World of Redwood Forest    By: James Elliott
Breathtaking beauty with plenty of sky touching trees, sun playing hide and seek behind the high branches and small streams running down the slope. All these ... guarantees non-stop fun. Travel to this beautiful place in a luxurious and comfortable limo that can be hired from any reputed San Francisco limousine service.
Towns For Your Crete Sightseeing    By: Pankaj Mohan
Planning out any Cretan holiday can be a challenging job due to the sheer number of available options. There are several towns of significance, each having an ... include, the Lake Voulismeni, the island Agioi Pantes, beaches along the coastal region, the local archaeological museum and one key flora exhibition "Iris".
Benefits of Purchasing a First Class Flight    By: Brian Jenkins
When booking a flight, you generally have several seating options available. The most expensive option is the first class seat. Sitting in first class might ... tickets for the same flight can cost several thousand. First class seats are not for everybody, but it you can afford this luxury it is well worth the price.
Best Budget Vacation Destinations    By: Brian Jenkins
Who doesn’t love a great vacation? Unfortunately, vacations are as expensive as they are relaxing and fun. Statistics show that with the current economic ... a more exotic location such as the Caribbean. Whichever type of vacation you choose; it will be a refreshing and rewarding experience for you and your family.
The Beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Just An Hour From Melbourne    By: John Morrad
The beautiful Mornington Peninsula... Big, beautiful things sometimes come in surprisingly small packages and that's one of the delights of the Mornington ... for here. As I said right at the start, sometimes big, beautiful things come in relatively small packages, the Mornington Peninsula really is just that….
African Safari: The Zebra    By: Peter Philip
As one of the great survivors, Zebras have excellent eyesight, a keen sense of smell and are capable of running 40 mph. Every zebra has its own pattern of ... Of the world population (less than 2,300) over 20 % are found on Lewa, Kenya. This is because Lewa in a protected range and there is no competition from grazing
About Picnics and Picnic Gear    By: Jim Harder
When you hear the word ?summertime?, do you usually think of basking in the sun on the beach? Do baseball, boating or gardening come to mind? If summertime ... efforts. I bet you and your guests will want to make this picnic an annual event. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your meticulous planning has created a marvelous picnic.
Boats USA Top 7 Tips For Buying Used Boats & Used Boat Prices    By: Mark Andrews
1. Buying a used boat reflects an affordable way to get into the world of boating at substantially lower cost over buying a new boat. More than 60% of first ... can then ask to take the boat or yacht out for sea trials and the final balance can then be paid when everything meets to your complete and utter satisfaction.
African Lion - Legend of the Tsavo Man Eaters    By: Marcelle Trethewey
There has been much speculation about the man-eaters of Tsavo with a fair amount of sensationalizing and dramatizing especially in the movie based on the story. ... and then drag them away. In closing, I think it is safe to say that where humans and lions overlap in daily life, there are bound to incidents of this sort.
Nature Photography: Composition in Wildlife Photography.    By: Andrew Goodall
Wildlife photography offers particular challenges in composition, especially for beginners. You not only have to create a compelling composition (which is tough ... if you are struggling to get started, think back to these guidelines; if you can position your subject well, the rest of the composition will fall into place.
Elephant Culling    By: David Meisel
Elephant culling There are always huge debates as to whether the culling of elephant is ethical or not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and in my ... no change. One day in the future 'they' will realise that culling is the answer but by that time it will be too late. If only 'they' would fully understand.
Hiking In The Natural Beauty Of The National Parks Of The United States    By: Donald Saunders
If you enjoy hiking then there can be no better setting for a day's hiking than the many wonderful national parks of the United States. At one extreme you have ... attractions could go on and on and for those living in the United States they fortunately provide more than a lifetime worth of incredible hiking experiences.
Hiking In The Badlands National Park    By: Donald Saunders
If you wish to travel back in time then there is perhaps no better place to choose for a hiking trip than the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Here ... Visitor Center where you will find a wealth of information which you will find especially useful if you are backpacking in the area and plan an overnight stay.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park    By: Donald Saunders
Part of the Appalachian Highlands, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee covers more than a half a million acres and its lush forests are home ... National Park is the perfect hiking venue with temperatures averaging in the mid 60s during the summer and dropping down to around 20 degrees in the winter.
Binoculars: A Necessary Tool for Birding    By: Russ W.
For the beginner bird watcher, there are only a few tools that are necessary to enjoy the hobby. A local field guide that explains which birds you should be ... comparisons on those binoculars that meet his needs, but also compare warranties. A great deal isn’t that great if a warranty doesn’t cover unexpected problems.
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