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Seven Keys To Personal Development    By: James Delrojo
I believe that the secret to personal development won t be found by sitting under a tree for 20 years contemplating the universe. The secret to personal ... your chances of success and you are undermining your character.Personal development comes from following these seven steps over and over for the rest of your life.
Staying Motivated as a Test Taker    By: Charles Wilson
Set goals for your Praxis II test taking preparation. Make a list of the topics you need to study for the ets.org Praxis exam. Get some Praxis study guide ... making in your preparation, then you will be more encouraged to stick with your study plan. You’ll start feeling more confident and more empowered for success.
Ten Steps to Electrifying Enthusiasm    By: Ineke Van Lint
Enthusiasm is the highest level of life energy we can experience as human beings here on earth. Some may say ecstasy is even higher still, but others might ... time and energy on, separate the wheat from the chaff and break radically with everything that eats up your precious time without offering something in return!
Silent Cries for a Long Haul Driver    By: Mari Taylor
As a child, did you grow up or do you have a child now growing up with a parent out of the house more then in the home due to a jobs demands? I grew up the ... and it only take a few hour a day to generate substantial income. I often think about the children who are home waiting for the truck driver they love and miss.
Practical Motivation - Back to Basics    By: David A. Goldsmith
Essentially, to motivate a piece of equipment to operate, you need to give it the proper source of energy and to push the start button. If only people were so ... your company and you is the objective. In the end, human nature, individual interests and shared objectives give us the skills to congregate and survive.
Finding a Way or Finding Excuses    By: Rhonda Smith
I recently read this quote , "If you really want to do something your will find a way. If you don t, you will find an excuse." Since I stumbled across this ... your true motivation is, how to leverage what is working, offer you new insights, and help you to create an action plan to move you forward toward your dreams!
Know your Dreams and Aspirations    By: Lori Quaranta
Excerpted from The Midlife Woman; Reinventing Yourself in your Second Adulthood "If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never ... is possible and go for it in a new and fearless way." Dr. Karen Otazo- Author of THE TRUTH ABOUT MANAGING YOUR CAREER and also THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING A LEADER
Certainty: The Foundation of Life    By: Sharon Eiffel
Did you know that it is possible for you to live your dreams, to reach your furthest goals, and to acquire your most far-fetched desires by simply believing in ... and faith have been integrated into your way of thinking, you will see an endless road of opportunities. With true faith and conviction, you can go anywhere.
Manifesting--how does it work?    By: Roy E. Klienwachter
The three steps of manifesting the things which you desire are thought, word, and deed-three simple steps which get complicated when you try to put them into ... have this or that and it is a true statement of what you are presently experiencing and what you will continue to experience, as long as you are using the word.
How to build your intuition    By: Dechen Lau
Have you had that experience when all of a sudden you just had this huge hunch that something is about to happen, and to your surprise, that intuition was ... could find out where the letting go has brought you. Sometimes you just have to listen to the voice within you, and that voice wouldn t come out unless you let go.
Your Name as Motivation?    By: Karen Kay
At some point in your lifetime it is likely you have known of someone whose name goes well with their chosen profession or life circumstances. For example, a ... at it that way. Start looking at your name (and your new secret nickname) as a means of helping you to get where you want to be. You may surprise yourself!
Journey of My Life    By: Magdalene Presley
Getting to know you, what is your name? I mean I would like to get to know you better. First, I like to introduce myself, my name is Magdalene Presley. My ... s experience, So that you can cut short all possible mistake that you may make and go on an express jet-plane to success.Cheers, be happy always and keep smiling.
Dreams: A Lost Art    By: Dennis Harting
We learn so many lessons from those we are around growing up. People basically are products of their environments. Our personalities, beliefs, tendencies, and ... an active part of your life to set the forces in motion to begin to create it in the physical realm. Before it can be created, you must first dream it.
Mind Over Money    By: Paul Nawlin
Yes, you and I need to understand and apply some basic principle of "Controlling Our Minds". You ve heard the old saying, "Don t put the cart before the horse" ... to Rich Ramalho, Carl Bradbrook, James Allen, Napoleon Hill and many more. You can find encouragement and real help. Visit me at www.maptoyourdreams.com!
Subliminal What?    By: Louie Frias
The advertising industry, a prominent and powerful industry, engages in deceptive subliminal advertising which most us are unaware of. By bypassing our ... and early in my career, I bought and gave away over 300 copies to people who helped me become successful. That s how strongly I believe in the information in it.
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