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Why Use an Online Office Facility?    By: Chris Davidson
In today's business world, technology and communication have developed into a global phenomenon that continues to improve on a rapid scale by the day. Living in ... were easily accessed on the client's computer and re-printed ready for the meeting. Find Out More - http://www.discoverandinvest.com/office_solutions.htm
Uncovering Missing Income and Expenses    By: Sean Goss
In many small businesses, proper accounting is overlooked. Fact is, many of the income and expense items, go undeclared due to a weak accounting system. Even ... cash income and expenses is not rocket science! It is the lack of discipline from both business owners and employees alike that creates accounting problems
An Employee "Perk" That Actually Boosts Productivity for Outside Salespeople    By: Steve Sasman
"What if you told your entire outside sales staff that you were going to give them and their entire family Unlimited Internet access for their home? Would this ... $0 to let your employees use this technology for home & personal use. With the Mobile Router, their whole family can use the one card at the same time."
Bad Economy Makes Business Owners Targets of Employee Lawsuits    By: Eric Patrick
It's no surprise that when the economy takes a nose dive, people get extremely anxious about money. And what do we do in this country when we are low on cash? ... and two. In addition, it really doesn't matter if you've never done anything wrong because it's going to cost you a fortune in time and money to prove it.
The Pros And Cons Of A Background Check    By: George Foerstel
First, What Is Background Checking?

As the name suggest, it is the process of scrutinizing the personal history of a person. This is done by ... belief that a background check could result to illegal discrimination based on the past of a person or the people he or she is associated with in the past.

Overview: What is a Personal Assistant?    By: Steve Lancer
During a particularly stressful day, week or month have you ever thought of what a lifesaver it would be have a personal assistant? Even if you’re a manager or ... grown to meet the needs of busy Americans who are in search of the elusive concept of free time – or at least the quiet satisfaction of a completed to-do list.
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