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Spring Forward, Fall Back, Fast Forward For Fashion    By: Patrick Mcmurray
Fashion is a fast forward industry, but continually falls back on archives to draw new inspiration from old styles. It’s as repetitious as the 1-2-3-4 beat of ... Timothy Everest, Ian Flaherty, Veritas Gifts, LBB London, and Shane McCoubrey. Perpetuating traditional English made clothing accessories is part of our ethos.
Tips to Keeping Your Work Uniforms Looking Their Best    By: Josh Stone
The idea of never having to replace uniforms may seem like a great idea, but in actual reality it rarely ever happens. Most people cannot afford to continuously ... a bit higher than you expected, it is generally well worth the value in the long run because of the savings since you are not continuously replacing uniforms.
Seven Ways To Pick The Best Baby Sneakers    By: Olivia Thomson
The sneakers are the all time favorites for all of us as they give a casual feel and nice look. The baby sneakers are no exception and they form the vital part ... Thus, gift your baby with the best and the comfortable sneakers available on the net. The sneakers give the baby the most comfort and joy during the walk.
5 Secrets to Look Sexy With Flat Sandals    By: Christina Pink
Flats have been in trend since years but some don’t like wearing them for their simple appearance. Women do like wearing sandals for style aspects and to appear ... go with any outfit giving you a luscious appearance. These colors lift your spirit to the endless skies of fashion and take your sex appeal go off the roof.
The ‘Where' and ‘How' of Freshwater Pearls    By: Pattrick Johnson
Pearls that are harvested from mussels, found in fresh waters are called freshwater pearls . The production of these pearls is mostly exclusive to China . Japan ... and bleached. After bleaching, the drilling takes place and then the polishing with a blend of wax and cornmeal. And thus they become wholesale ready.
Military Rings And What They Signify    By: Diane Hamments
Military Rings are worn by current and retired members of the military as a highly visible demonstration of their proud participation in a branch of service. ... is inset with a colored gemstone, a military ring is quite striking. But no matter which design is used, a military ring signifies selfless service to us all.
Tiffany's Engagement Rings-A Stylish Approach    By: Mack Donal
Engagement ceremony is a very important event in everyone’s life and everyone wants to make such event memorable to be cherished till death. It is marked as the ... every individual present there. And a stylish engagement ring studded with precious stones will make the whole event precious even after the event has ended.
Secrets for Easy Shopping High Heels Sandals    By: Clara Havisham
All women love wearing heels and especially high heels. But do you ever know why women crave for wearing high heel sandals? Well, there are many reasons behind ... love wearing couture shoes, then know some of the top notch designers of high heels shoes like Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Stuart Weitzman etc.
Purchase and Maintenance of Cultured Pearls    By: Pattrick Johnson
Almost all Cultured Pearls are alluring, small and certainly pretty and expensive. If you have been contemplating on having an addition to your jewelry ... strong chemical content, to safeguard the texture and the luster of your pearls. Use a soft cloth to brush the pearls while cleaning and then let them dry naturally.
Custom tee shirts to make a fashion trend    By: John Nicholes
Let us first of all consider the history of Tee Shirt: - • The typical t-shirt was developed first in 1919 and is now emerging as the most durable symbol of ... in the today’s market. The huge range of such shirts is alluring consumers. Famous people’s clothing are the artistic works of art which are in great demand.
Replica Watches – Needs A Specialist’s Eye    By: Adam Gail
A wristwatch is something in one’s outfit that people pay a lot of attention because a wristwatch reflects on the personality of the wearer a great deal. And ... cheap imitation instead you should go for the good replicas that will usually cost you a few hundreds that will guarantee you with their function and longevity.
Where to look for Latest Fashion Trends?    By: Prashant Kumar
Looking Smart and attractive is a temptation hard to resist for anyone, of any age group. It is often said that first impression is the last impression; at ... far we have been making collections on UK fashion styles. We are now looking forward to work in collaboration with malls and stores in Delhi and NCR Territories.
Complete Information on Akoya Pearls    By: Pattrick Jhonson
From immemorial times, Pearls have dominated and engrossed the temptations of human mind. No doubt, their luster, their charm and their aura permeates the ... In a nutshell, Pearl is an unparallel amalgam of class and royalty. Along with it, there are only a small number of jewelry pieces that can surpass its grace.
Diamond Engagement Rings: Express your love    By: Frank Luca
A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of true love and devotion and a promise of a marriage and eternal joy. Diamond engagement rings create one of the most ... jobs. At online stores, you can get precious jewelries at amazing prices. Enjoy the bliss of marriage. Gift your sweetheart a unique diamond engagement ring.
5 Simple Tips to Avoid Odor in Sandals    By: Clara Havisham
In warm weather, wearing sandals will be a great bet to keep your feet cool and comfortable. But it would be much embarrassing if your sandals stink in a crowd. ... footwear designed with breathable materials like canvas or mesh that are highly breathable in nature and thus avoid any moisture formation that cause stench.
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