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Attorney Careers: Highly Lucrative and Rewarding    By: Jennifer Charleston
An attorney career is a great way to spend your working life. Attorneys play an important part in the community and can also earn large sums of money. There are ... attorneys, real estate attorneys and bankruptcy attorneys. An attorney career is exciting, interesting and serves an excellent purpose in the community.
Law Enforcement Training Leads to Fantastic Opportunities    By: Jennifer Charleston
Law enforcement training is required if you wish to become a police officer or other law enforcement individual. There are several sub branches of law ... about training in your area. Because each state differs slightly you should find out what the requirements are to apply for law enforcement training within your state.
How to Create a Lucrative Public Speaking Career    By: James Malinchak
Remember, you are not in the speaking business, you are in the business of marketing your speaker services! Speaking is just like any other type of business. It ... modify the content and must include our resource box as listed above. You may sign up as an affiliate at BigMoneySpeaker.com and insert your affiliate links.
Secrets on Becoming a Teacher    By: Jennifer Charleston
Becoming a teacher is the dream of many people. Being a teacher is a position that comes with much responsibility and price; after all a teacher has the future ... is a dynamic career which can lead you down many paths, and being aware of these paths means that teaching will never present a dull moment in your life.
Work Less, Get Paid More: A How Guide for Improving the Quality of Life for You and Your Family    By: Lewy Pierson
It would be a blessing to all of us if we could figure out how to have more time to spend with our family, while at the same time making more money to provide ... another day pass you by, act today!! May your days be blessed and your destinations divine! Sincerely, Lewy Pierson (RTA) Divine Destinations Travel Deals
Defining what makes a Great Person: The Little Known Truth About Star Employees    By: Toby Marshall
How many times has a recruiter told you that they have "good employees" for you? And how many times have you found that to actually be true? The next time a ... free article and other free resources on this topic, visit http://www.abacusrecruit.com.au/library-of-articles/39-testimonial-article/93-attracting-applicants.
Have You Heard About Travel Nursing as a Career?    By: Jennifer Charleston
Travel nursing is a career that many people are not aware of. Nurses are not restricted to working in a hospital or similar environment in their home town or ... of expertise to your resume as you go. These experiences can count as modules for your education and may advance your career once you arrive back home again.
Choices Abound with Engineering Careers    By: Jennifer Charleston
Do you want an engineering career? Many people choose engineering as a career they would like to get into, but then there is the dilemma of exactly which ... have access to engineers, consider talking to them and volunteering your time to help out in order to gain exposure and experience that will benefit your own career.
Making A Career In Creative Arts and Commercial Arts    By: Geetika Jan
‘Creative and Commercial Arts’ is an upcoming and much in demand field today. Those with creative aptitude and good art skills have no lack of job opportunities ... a good company or work on his/her own and earn name, fame and wealth. This field can give one high visibility and recognition with one good piece of art.
Equipment Utilized By Nurses    By: Stephanie Larkin
When a nurse begins her profession as a practitioner in the nursing field, a new world awaits her in an exciting profession that is growing every day. Nurses ... will undertake on any given day. All other equipment will be made available to them by their specialization or clinic, and will be at the ready when needed.
Finding The Right Nursing Job For You    By: Stephanie Larkin
Finding the right nursing job is all about keeping your mind open to different opportunities and researching all possibilities. First things first, it is ... means long hours and happy patients, for others it can mean giving seminars, or working with claimants. You just need to find out which path will work for you.
You're Downsized....Now What?    By: Dwain Celistan
You’re downsized….now what? 7 steps to take to get your next opportunity In today’s business environment, many people have been laid off, given early or forced ... recruiter who focuses on leadership talent. He has authored "5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Dreams". He can be reached via dwain@reinvent2achieve.com.
Pre Employment Testing - What to Expect    By: Julia Penny
Pre employment testing is commonly used by employers to screen out unsuitable job applicants. In the United States more than 30% of companies reportedly use ... Although the amount of preparation that can be done for these tests is limited it will benefit applicants greatly to understand the type of tests they can expect.
Interview Nerves – Advice On Getting Your Interview Nerves Under Control    By: Catherine Jones
Even the most confident job interview candidates suffer from interview nerves, however mild, even if they don't show it or admit to it. But you can get your ... your thoughts turn to negative ones. Follow these simple steps and you'll feel in control of your job interview nerves, instead of them being in control of you.
5 Keys to Thriving and Surviving on the job    By: Dwain Celistan
5 Keys to Thriving and Surviving on the job There a few things we want from our career experience, pay increases, recognition, greater self confidence and ... recruiter who focuses on leadership talent. He has authored "5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Dreams". He can be reached via dwain@reinvent2achieve.com.
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