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Turning Back the Clock    By: Mike Greenhaus
Tom Leadon and Randall Marsh—two of the original members of Mudcrutch alongside Tom Petty, Mike Campbell and later Benmont Trench—the band’s reunion has been ... Tom was so keen to do it, that he wanted to find time to squeeze this in. Obviously Tom didn’t have to do this project; this is something he really wanted to do.
Learn Cooking on DVDs and Win the food battles    By: Bob K
Cooking DVDs shows videos of specific techniques and methods depending on your understanding of the all-important cooking fundamentals used in preparing an ... many cooking DVDs now, there is a definite emphasis on the healthier options, but you will still find recipes for apple pie, chocolate mousse and giant cookies.
Strum, the home of South African music    By: Russell Qually
South African music has a new home, the ground breaking website Strum. A free website dedicated to promoting South African music to the public and providing a ... the potential for publicity and collaboration is truly incredible, So for any musician, band, artist, performer or a fan of music, check out the site today.
Jazz Essentials    By: Larry Blumenfeld
I used to tell people I met on airplanes or at parties that I wrote about jazz for a living. Once they got past wondering just what type of "living" that ... for Words," he builds each one into a concerto of melody, harmonics, and improvisation that set the bar high and establish the logic for much of modern jazz.
Learn Guitar Chords Easily    By: Ricky Sharples
If you have a burning desire to learn to play guitar chords then stick around. It does not matter whether you want to play lead guitar in a band or just ... only need two fingers and are combined with the use of distortion to fry the brains of rock music lovers of all ages. So you have something to look forward to.
Guitar Practice - What Do You Need?    By: Ricky Sharples
When you decided to become a guitar player you thought guitar practice would be fun, right? But you have discovered that the process of learning to play guitar ... what you need to work on to sound your best. To make the most of your guitar practice time, allow your problems to drop away. Take a holiday from your life.
Flamenco Guitar And Strings - Advice for Beginners    By: Shawn Kohan
Do you need a special type of guitar? The simple answer is No! For a beginner, any (nylon stringed) classical guitar will do the job. 1) Any guitar with steel ... the saddle about a centimeter or so. The idea is to shift the worn section so it appears over the spaces between the frets when you tighten it back up again.
The Magic of the Flamenco Guitar    By: Shawn Kohan
Flamenco is a popular style of Spanish Guitar Music. Flamenco has its own three forms which are Cante, Baile, and Guitarra. Cante is the song, Baile is the ... parts. When there is multiple people dancing and the music is playing, the audience often joins in clapping. Today, the audience is also involved in flamenco.
Travel Books: Guides to explore new continents without a guide    By: Raisa Raima
Many individuals rightly feel that is the mind that decides the level of education and awareness in an individual but they forget to include that the mind does ... flair for the travel books, now is the time for you to get these informative books at your side and explore new lands without a guide with these travel guides.
Duplicating or Replicating a CD or DVD - Tips to Prepare a Master Disc    By: Mark Thomas
Lots of people do their research in finding the right company providing CD or DVD duplication and replication services. But at times they ignore the importance ... Follow these tips to make sure that you have a high quality master disc in order to get high quality CD and DVD Replication and Duplication. Author’s Info:
Easter Songs for Musicals for Schools Make Great Learning for Kids    By: Hall Andrew
Appreciating music at a young age is healthy. It keeps the heart and soul of the younger ones vibrant and alive and can be a very good medium to reach out to ... every need. The online files are readily available using friendly tools for navigation. With just a click of the mouse you get to see what you are looking for.
Wonderful Childrens Christmas Songs in School Christmas Plays    By: Hall Andrew
Children are always excited when they hear Christmas songs. There are probably more children’s Christmas songs composed and performed than Christmas songs ... has designed their package to be affordable and to enable purchasing schools to present unlimited performances for their better appreciation of this collection.
Four Powerful Reasons Why Flashcards Should Be An Integral Part Of Any Music Curriculum    By: Janice Tuck
Kids just love playing flashcard games in their music sessions and teachers always keep a pack handy. But why? What are the benefits of using flashcards? Here ... is immediate with the use of flashcards. I remember this scene vividly in my beginning years as a teacher. It was the day before one of my students exam.
Why I love Gibson guitars    By: Gaskell Guitars (australia)
There is something timeless about Gibson guitars. They have been around for a million years it seems and they have been responsible for some of the most ... we manufacture to fill that gap in the market. EXPLORERS are great guitars. Left handed guitarists cna now enjoy the greatness of them via Gaskell Guitars!
How to Land Free Zune Downloads    By: Hilary Mujikwa
There is much to be said about free music. Who does not love free stuff? We all do and free music is just the icing on the cake for the whole system. We all ... on. Of course there is the need for this process to take shape. As you can see there is going to be more freedom when you are working with the other websites.
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