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Who knows that who is the most popular American idol?    By: Nor Nan
Do you know that who is the most popular American idol? If you are one of the real Madonna fans, yes you should be able to answer this question. As we all know ... every celebrity or actress could not escape from media's criticism, but she never let this criticism to let her down and effect to the performance to her fans.
Nintendo DS Lite: The Ultimate Gaming Console    By: Tiraton Athiwat
Nintendo DS Lite is one of the extremely innovative gaming consoles available in the market today. The microphone, touch screen, and superb interactivity ... only one gaming card to play with multi-players. With these excellent features, this device has truly enthralled a large number of game lovers across the world.
10 Gracie Allen Quotes to Commemorate The Birth of an American Comedian    By: Noel Jameson
July 26th is the day to commemorate Gracie Allen's birthday, and what better way to do it than with some famous Gracie Allen quotes? Of course, we can't be ... time. As the anniversary of her birth (or what we can best guess is the anniversary of her birth) approaches let's celebrate it with these ten Gracie Allen quotes.
5 Strange Buildings In The World    By: Neil Simon
A building is man’s testament to engineering. But what of the arts? Here’s a couple of strange buildings that separate themselves from the pack. In my travels ... the vehicles. The insides of the structure is cleverly designed to let natural light in during day time, and uses efficient fluorescent lighting when needed.
Chinese Dragon History    By: Zuwen Yan
The Chinese dragon is said to have the head of a camel, the horns of a deer, the eyes of a rabbit, the ears of a cow, the neck of a snake, the belly of a fog , ... dragon is said to awaken and hold up its head, and this will be the start of the rainy season. People hope to be protected by the spirit of Chinese dragon.
Scrubs Works Its Magic    By: Rajanmr Sam Thompson
One of the greatest sitcoms ever, Scrubs is one of the better TV shows that you are likely to see in the near future. Though FRIENDS retains its spot as no.1 in ... shows where I will definitely not think twice to take out my wallet and buy all the seasons on DVD, because you can just keep watching it over and over again.
From Iceman to Ice T: The History of Tatoo Art    By: Roger Smith
The pierced and leather-clad biker wandering, freshly-decorated, out of the local tattoo parlor may think he's doing something incredibly original. But he ... To read more about modern and ancient tattooing, including the history behind modern tattooing, visit the Smithsonian Magazine website at the following link:
Capture Life in Colours with Canvas Prints    By: Alexander Lamb
Can you imagine, just for a second, how dull we could feel, if our eyes perceived everything in black and white. Colors have great effect on us as well as ... companies offer you a "customer sales satisfaction guarantee" and "money back guarantee" in the event of receiving the canvas prints not according to the agreement.
Creative Photography: Choose The Right Lens For The Job.    By: Andrew Goodall
Do you really understand the creative possibilities of your lenses? When buying a new digital camera we hear all about the quality and power of the lens. But ... now and try out a few of these ideas. Or if you are feeling lazy, sit down and watch some sport on telly. It may actually teach you something about photography.
Free Movie Downloads - The New Thing In The Internet World    By: Weera Kunti
Earlier, people had to change their mind about watching a movie just because they had to the local movie library to get a movie and then watch it. But nowadays, ... as adware, Trojans, spyware and worms that result in the loss of computer processing speed and data or even exposes your personal information to the hackers.
Xbox and PC Gaming for the Modern World    By: Vikram Kumar
Gaming has never been more entertaining than the sixth to seventh generation video game console. If PlayStation 3 is for Sony, Xbox is for Microsoft, both ... get the best deal. You can also be assured of the purchase and shipping guidelines as it is linked to eBay–one of the most popular and reliable online stores today.
5 Tips for Awesome Fireworks Photos    By: Mara Griffins
Fourth of July is right around the corner and capturing the light-filled moments of the fireworks is something we may have all attempted. Unfortunately, we ... will be clearer. This Fourth of July, pull your camera out and try some of these tips. You'll have some gorgeous memories of the fireworks in the night sky.
Beck's Modern Guilt - Track by Track    By: Marvin J Markus
Beck's new album Modern Guilt to be released in the United States on July 8th is his 3rd album of the past 4 years. This burst of creativity comes after he had ... musician who has already given us so much awesome original music, it's truly astounding that Beck still has so much creativity to give. 9. "Profanity Prayers"
Smile...It's The Second Best Thing To Do With Your Lips    By: Nisha Garg
Smile costs nothing, but gives happiness. So, say "cheese" and start-up with your another crucial day. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer ... call under one roof, hence make it a one-of-a-kind potential bearing product. It is a very fast-growing communications mode especially popular among adolescents.
Turn Your Favorite Photos Into Canvas Paintings    By: Glenn Ivie
It is easy to understand why the camera has been seen as a breakthrough invention of science. We all have at least one camera we like to take with us on all our ... 25 years of marriage. Having canvas paintings in your house is something totally magical as you are always seeing them differently than the first time.
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