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Geopathic Therapy    By: Ricky Hussey
The earth s magnetic field generates powerful unseen energy forces that have been recognized for thousands of years. These earth energies were probably easier ... or a favorite chair away from an affected area, by deflecting the energies with mirrors, or by trapping them in crystals or coils that can then be washed clean.
The Highly Contagious Disease of Busyness    By: Michele Wahlder
While on a flight from Texas to New York recently, I found myself reflecting on friends in my life with whom I have lost contact. I wondered about them with ... work. *Prevention is the key to wellness. Be careful to safeguard the relationships in your life, as well as yourself, from the nasty disease of busyness.
Stress – 8 Tips To Reduce Stress Levels and Take Control    By: Sacha Tarkovsky
Stress is a major cause of illness and even death. If you don’t learn how to mange it and control it your health is seriously in danger. Let’s look at some ... them and let go of tasks that take up to much time, or can be delegated. If you do the above you will manage stress, be healthier, happier and achieve more.
How To Have a Non-Stressed Kid Who's Happy    By: Ruth Klein
Many parents eagerly sign their kids up for extracurricular activities without stopping to ask if this is best for the health and well being of their children. ... the television. Read, walk, write, play. Free time allows you to become more creative, and also to refresh and re-energize your mind and body for the next day.
Stress... and that new job interview.    By: Crizza Reyes
Perhaps you re a new entrant into the job market who is lacking experience in job interviewing. Or perhaps you re a job market veteran whose resumes and cover ... you have done your homework and are interested in learning more. It s the potential employee that sits there and simply nods that won t get a second chance.
Reducing Stress and Anxiety    By: Crizza Reyes
We all know what it s like to feel anxious and have overwhelming stress. Most of us experience anxiety when we re faced with stressful situations or traumatic ... For the people that are so anxious and nervous that they cannot go out in public the treat of anxiety may need to begin with the therapist coming to their home.
Useful Tips for Dealing with Stress Successfully    By: Dr Anne
Stress is an irksome part of our existence. Everyone faces stress, almost every day. Stress prevails everywhere. If you are at your home, you may experience ... makes people exhausted and irritated gradually in time. While dealing with stress at your workplace, the first thing you should know is how to manage your time.
Stress Management and How Stress Effects the Body    By: Cristina Pasol
Stress is a condition we can all relate to in an everyday sense. There is stress all around us, in the work place, at home and in emotional contexts. Stress, in ... on meeting that deadline or else, to the exclusion of eating or sleeping, the end result is seen in the eventual physical effects of stress on the body.
How to Relieve Stress – Popular Stress Busters    By: Dr Anne
Experiencing stress is our daily experience. The fact is that our existence is not complete without stress; yes that s the irony of life! But prolonged stress ... result in terms of getting relief from severe stress. For normal daily stressors, you can apply common methodologies such as meditation, relaxation and others.
Effects of Stress on the Body    By: Crizza Reyes
Stress is the body s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional ... uncalm situation is helpful. Facing the issue head-on and taking control of it guarantees that any effects of stress on the body will soon be a thing of the past.
Sensory relaxation exercises    By: A Smith
Relaxation ExercisesOne of the best forms of relaxation using the mind is imagination. With using imagination relaxation exercises you will not only become more ... of smell and taste will increase and things you touch will have more feeling.For more information please visit http://relaxation.worldwideweb-articles.com/
Relaxation Techniques to Help Relieve Stress    By: Melita Miller
With the increased pressures of modern life more and more people find it difficult to switch off and relax at the end of the day. This can lead to sleepless ... by getting out to the countryside or a place close to nature. This can often provide the space you need to clear your mind, find focus and perhaps inspiration.
Eliminate stress and take time for yourself    By: Paul Conway
Eliminate stress and take time for yourselfWork, conferences, deadlines, appointments, phone calls, groceries, walking the dog - all of these are things many ... our previous responsibility.Get more information on stress and related problems by getting your copy of a 6 page Stress Report.http://www.ask-about-stress.com
Overstressed? Your Heart Rate May Be a Clue    By: Kirk Laman, D.o.
Has your life been out of control lately? If so then join the crowd. The American Institute of Stress estimates that over 40 percent of Americans suffer from ... your health. If you’re overstress consider heading to the Heart Math website and learning this valuable technique. You don’t have to be a slave to stress.
3 Tips to Stop Stressing and Start Living    By: Sandy Reed
Life is so fleeting. Today I called to make an appointment with our acupuncturist, and was shocked to discover it has been over two years since we ve seen her. ... alive and taking part in the creative process of living. You will find that this appreciation will enrich all areas of your life - personal and business.
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