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Newsletters And The Internet On Bird Watching    By: Julie Souto
Newsletters - Winging it is not a magazine, book, or journal. It is an informal newsletter aimed specifically at the American Birding Association members. This ... can be wrong about certain things. If you are looking for thoroughly researched information, then it might be wise to stick to a well known organization.
Information On Disciplining Your Cat    By: Joshua Simms
Cats tend to be a more independent type of pet which is why many people prefer them over other types of pets. However, you might find that your feline friend ... you can either hiss at him like another cat would do, or scream in pain. Either one of these reactions is sure to get your cat's attention and make him stop.
The Ten Different Myths About Spiders    By: Jacob Saxbury
There have been many myths about spiders that have propogated through the ages. Here I will enlighten the devotion regarding the ten most common spider myths. ... spider prick is almost strange in North America and a decisive shortage worldwide. Deadly spiders that can incapacitate you in minutes? Only in the movies!
The Growing Pet Service Industry    By: Jadon Sluck
There are many of us who consider our pets as part of the family, and this is evidenced by a recent statistic that states 65% of all U.S. homes own at least one ... continues to grow, we will see an increase in the number of services dedicated to our pets, and the continued growth of this multi-billion dollar industry.
A Brief History of the Mosquito    By: John Sern
The mosquito like all other insects has its well defined life cycle that basically starts in a water body. The life cycle starts with the egg, larvae, pupa and ... from the body, also uric, which is contained in sweat, will attract the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are usually active after dark and this is when they bite most.
Getting A Bird Watching Scope    By: Julie Souto
For a person who loves observing the birds, a scope would be very beneficial especially if you've already mastered the use of binoculars and is now ready to ... Bird watching scopes are there to help you. You just have to find that right one that could suit you best in order to start using such to your advantage.
The Different Kinds Of Cats For Lover    By: June Sabe
There are a lot of great gifts that you can give to cat lovers, although photo frames are among the most popular. Photo frames are very affordable, and make a ... that the possibilities are endless. Cats are very popular pets - meaning that you'll have no trouble finding the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life.
Shocking Training Dog Collar Guide    By: Charlie Cory
All dogs need training so that they learn to behave appropriately, especially in a family environment. To this end, training collars have been created to help ... dog cries out when the electricity is applied, then the setting is too high. Once again, this type of collar is only really suitable for experienced trainers.
How to Protect Your Pet in Case of a Fire    By: Julie Calligaro
The ability to evacuate you and your pet with little or no notice is crucial in the event of a house fire or wildfire similar to the recent wildfire in ... trip is far better than waiting too long to safely leave with your pets. If you wait to be evacuated by emergency officials, you may be told to leave your pets behind.
Taking Care of Spot While Youíre Away    By: Kate Rath
Not all vacation spots are pet friendly. Unfortunately, family vacation time often causes a dilemma for pet owners who are left scrambling to find a safe, ... the facility is able to administer medication to your pet. Check to make sure that your petís prescription is filled, and that you have clear dosing instructions.

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