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Write Your Vision In Your Subconscious If You Want To See It Made Manifest In Your Life    By: David Hurley
Something that Matt Morris wrote in a recent edition of the Success University newsletter about "goals" and "vision" really struck me the other day.Here s what ... goals through flashes of inspiriation, changes in posture, attitude and expectation, which will, in turn lead you to take action or respond to opportunities.
Jumpstart the Creation of Your Ideal Life: Make a List of 100 Things to Do Before You Die    By: Marelisa Fabrega
Getting around to thinking about what your ideal life would look like and committing that vision to paper is difficult, if not impossible, to do when you’re ... out to accomplish the things on your list. So, once you have your list choose the first item you’re going to check off and get to it. Sail out to sea. . .
Your Success in Life is Determined by Your Perception and Interpretation of Life    By: Rose Kirkland
Your success in life or lack of success will depend on your interpretation and interpretation of life. In the home-based industry mindset is the most ... we wouldn’t see them out there in others. It has to be within us for us to see it. It is only our "perception" and our "interpretation" and these can be changed.
Candle Wedding Favors - A Romantic And Traditional Gift To Share With Your Guests    By: Joe Palladino
When you get married there are so many little details that you need to see to so that you can have a very special wedding. One of those details is the wedding ... to choose the right wedding favors for your special day. Candles are very popular to use because they convey the romance that is in the air at any wedding.
Five Golden Rules for Balancing Work and Home for Couples Working Together    By: Zeynep Ilgaz
My husband and I have known each other for 17 years, been happily married for over a decade and business partners for more than few years. Any couple working ... signing on it. We now hold each other accountable for our actions. Most of the time, actually, we make fun of each other and turn it into a fun process for us.
How To Improve Your Quality of Life by Using the Seven Moments - Moment #5    By: Christian Blake
Moment #5 – Reunion - "Holidays are just an excuse to have a Reunion."Let’s say it has been twenty years since you’ve seen your "old pal" Bob. One day you’re ... enhance your daily life by appreciating these moments when they occur. You should also try to generate them into your life whenever possible. - Christian Blake
How To Improve Your Quality of Life by Using the Seven Moments - Moment #4    By: Christian Blake
Moment #4 – Goodbye - "Goodbyes are a good thing."My mom and dad watched helplessly as the machines pumped oxygen into my little brother’s lungs. His name was ... to maximizing your life experience). To avoid a goodbye altogether is nothing more than robbing yourself of one of the more powerful moments in life.
How To Improve Your Quality of Life by Using the Seven Moments - Moment #1    By: Christian Blake
Moment #1 – Discovery - "Discoveries keep our mind sharp."Discovery occurs when you learn something new about a person, place, thing, or a situation.Vampire ... guarantee that the first day you drive a new path to work you’ll be more focused on driving; and you will be more in the now than you have been in quite a while.
Secret 15˚ Feng Shui Personal Directions That Influence Your Life    By: P.k. Odle
Gravity affects everyone, even without our awareness. In fact, you’re influenced by other laws of nature from the moment of birth, including the inherent Feng ... their credentials and contact their references before trusting any consultant with the fate of your family or business.© 2008 P.K. Odle. All rights reserved.
More than Half of All Executives Struggle From A Work - Life Imbalance    By: Ann Golden Egle
Are you a business executive who experiences a major imbalance between your work and your life? Are there lots of signs pointing to a worsening of this ... to find more balance in your world. Those at work and play will benefit from being with the new and improved you! Enjoy your discoveries and have a great week.
How To Be Super Attractive To Women Even If You Are Average Looking?    By: Reece Clarkson
Ok so you are wondering how it is possible to be attractive to a woman when you are not the best looking or you associate yourself as not the best looking. Well ... of an eye. So the most potent message I can send across to you is that the man you are is powerful, more powerful than you realize so use it to work for you.
Are Your Ready to Change Your Destiny? Stop Thinking and Start Living!    By: Deborah Akridge
"My future is no longer an extension of the past. I now ask to be led toward a destiny that outshines my history. I now realize that everyday I am given a ... are your accomplishments going to be for you and your family and loved ones? Are you ready to change your destiny? It is time to stop thinking and start living.
20 Tips to Live a More Frugal Lifestyle in Today’s Difficult Economy    By: Candy Osborne
Living in the United States today is not without its challenges, financially speaking. In an article dated March 9, 2008 Reuters reported that the average price ... birds with one stone and spend quality time with your children/loved ones while performing these things. And you will be teaching them a valuable lesson too.
Lower Back Tribal Tattoos Are the New Fashion: Are They Right for You?    By: Blake Allen
If you are looking for tattoo ideas for your lower back, tribal tattoos may be just the thing. Tribal tattoos used to be the type of thing that everybody was ... tattoo that you can hide from the public but enjoy for yourself and expose at will. When it comes to your lower back, tribal tattoos are a fabulous idea.
Finding A Heathy Balance Between Your Business and Your Family Life    By: Kelly Sims
As an entrepreneur, your life can sometimes seem like a juggling act. Your business is the realization of a dream and takes a tremendous amount of work. But ... in the day. Remember though, if you are not finished your list at the end of your scheduled workday, those leftover tasks will have to go on tomorrow s list.
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