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Learning Chinese – NOT!    By: Lance Carr
When I first came to Taiwan to live I listened to the language and thought to myself, "OK, this doesn’t sound so hard. I have high-school French and German so I ... but he is a complete moron as far as speaking this excellent language is concerned. He is deserving of pity. Don’t look at him for he will feel ashamed."
How Do Pirates Dress For Halloween (And What Do They Do?)    By: Edward Chupack
How do pirates dress for Halloween? They can't strap on a peg leg, prop a plastic parrot on their shoulders, apply an eye patch and wrap a red bandana around ... Author Bio Edward Chupack is an attorney for a major law firm. He lives near Chicago. His first novel, Silver, is available now from Thomas Dunne Books.
Comedy Talent Agency A Description in Brief    By: Rodger Jackman
Canadians love comedies, there are different talent agencies in the country that searches out the talented guys who can make people laugh with witty activities. ... comedy talent agencies maintain websites, all information and excellent performance of different comedians are regularly highlighted through the sites.

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