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Dog Training: Teaching Your Dog Obedience    By: Alex De La Cruz
Perhaps obedience is the most important thing that any pet should render to its master. Dog obedience is a great thing to have. Having a defiant dog can create ... the routines. Consulting a professional for more tips on how to gain obedience from a dog may be necessary, especially for those who have no experience at all.
Why Should You Adopt A Jack Russell Terrier?    By: Richard Cussons
Having a jack russell terrier as member of the family can be a lot of fun! Imagine having one fearless dog you can play and spend time with. It will surely make ... With puppies, you cannot exactly tell the way he will behave in his later years. So don't be afraid to adopt a dog. They, too, can become great friends.
That To Know About Your Dog and His Food    By: James Gosling
Dog food should always be nutritious so that it can help strengthen his bones and immune system and help him to grow. There are many different types of dog food ... in the descending order according to weight. Ingredients will include some of the most important nutrients like protein, fat, vitamins as well as minerals.
Is a Hybrid Dog For You?    By: Joseph Sabol
If you are thinking about getting a puppy, you may be considering a hybrid, also known as a designer dog. In the last several years, hybrids have become very ... breed dogs. Joseph M. Sabol is a world class Doberman breeder. Please go to http://petvitamins4u.com or to http://theroadhousedobes.com for further information
OFA Certification and Hip Dysplasia    By: Joseph Sabol
If you own a larger breed of dog or are looking for one, you may have heard the term OFA Certified. This refers to the dog's hip joints and is an indicator of ... veterinarian to discuss the best coarse of action for your pooch. With some help from you and the vet, your dog can live a full, active and pain free life.
UK Dogs and Their Owners    By: Joe Walker
It's a lucky dog that has a resident of the UK has its owner. These dogs and puppies are treated as members of the family and are also some of the best behaved ... will be even more breeds to choose from. These will be very happy and much loved pets by their UK owners, making them some of the luckiest dogs in the world.
Keeping your child safe from strangers dogs    By: Emma Holyer
Most children grow up with pets, and since dogs are a popular choice for many families, lots of children grow up with a beloved family dog. Because this dog is ... that Direct Line does not control and cannot guarantee the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of the article above. http://www.directline.com/pet/welcome.htm
Positive Training For Your Barking Dog    By: Jenny Styles
They say a barking dog doesn t bite but I am yet to meet anyone who hasn t been convinced otherwise every time some fine specimen of the canine family has ... training to bring them back to acceptable track, but they also need good time and attention and loving, so make sure your training is a right mix of all of these.
Designer Dogs and Pampered Pets    By: Donna Boras
What are designer dogs? The biggest trend in dogs is not purebreds, but specially created hybrids (puggles, pookimos, Jack-a-bees). Dogs that fall under the ... faux fur coats, jewelry, fancy dog collars,leads and footwear. Your haute hound will need a walk-in closet to accommodate all these clothes and accessories.
Exciting Activities For You and Your Furry Friend    By: Ron Ayalon
Being a dog owner can be a great experience. They can lighten up your mood, they get you outdoors, finding new places, and they are happy to see you no matter ... their pet find that it strengthens their bond with their dogs. If you and your pet have a strong bond then your life will be a lot more enjoyable as a result.
Know All About Good Dog Training Collars    By: Jenny Styles
Most dog owners wish that they could have more control over their dogs. With dog training collars, however, you can get what you want, i.e., better control with ... are selecting a dog training collar, get some information on their proper use and use some common sense too. You and you dog are sure to make a happy pair!
Dog Cages, Crates, Kennels and Carriers Provide Security, Comfort and Safety    By: Jay Jacovitz
A dog crate, cage or carrier is an important item for your dog to have. It provides our canine companions with a safe environment inside, outside, for travel ... behavior resulting from teething, stress or separation anxiety. Wire crate/cages are available in two types: non-foldable and foldable for easy transport.
Techniques You Can Use To House Train Your Dog    By: Jenny Styles
Every dog needs to be trained in the house, and the process is quite long. Just like during our childhood we never used proper toilet, even the dogs may do ... toilet outside, as no dog knows it by himself. So, you must teach your dog in case you do not want accidents in your house, and do remember to clean up the mess.
How to Introduce Important Skills to Your Hunting Dog and Prevent Problems from Developing    By: Jean Smith
Once you have decided on the breed you are ready to take the next step which is to become acquainted with the techniques of training. One theory of training ... your hunting dog can become a highlight of the day.The above tips prevent problems from developing and at the same time gives your dog all the exercise he needs.
Aging Dogs - Comfort for Old Dogs    By: Donna Boras
Aging dogs that are happy and comfortable are a beautiful sight. It means that someone has done an excellent job of taking care of their dog and made his life ... to this, of course. With advances in geriatric veterinary care, good nutrition and excellent care for aging dogs, the process of aging may be slowed down.
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