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7 Top Tips For Keeping Your Job In A Recession    By: Todd Bavol
When the whole world, let alone the whole country, is talking about a recession, it is hard not to get panicky about your own job. This is not the time to sit ... are involved in demonstrates your excellence and avoid making any decisions that you will regret when the recession ends. Give it your all and think ahead.
How to get your dream job by interpreting the Job Ad or Job Description    By: Richard Penfold
For various reasons Job Adverts and Job Descriptions are not always easy to interpret. Changes to legislation have meant that often the real message is hidden ... have a great foundation of knowledge from which to build or to modify your Resume to specifically appeal to your reader. I hope this helps and good luck!
How to prepare a winning Resume / CV    By: Richard Penfold
How to prepare a winning Resume / CV... A few good habits starting NOW, will hold you in good stead for the rest of your career... Preparation is critical; ... how minor your role, you will be in a very, very small percentage. Embed these good habits now, and I promise you, you will never look back. Good Luck!
Top 10 Questions to Ask your Recruiter    By: Toby Marshall
There are many, many questions you need to ask, to find a good recruiter. Ask them the hard questions. After all, these are the people who are going to find the ... free article and other free resources on this topic, visit http://www.abacusrecruit.com.au/library-of-articles/39-testimonial-article/94-hiring-a-recruiter.
The Recruitment Market Place and Why it Sucks    By: Toby Marshall
The recruitment industry may be inefficient and charge huge fees, but it’s only a small industry - surely it can’t cause billions of damage to our society? It ... of interest rate changes!). They know that an informed market is an efficient one. The recruitment market is very ill-informed and therefore very inefficient.
99,450 Unfilled Work-At-Home Jobs Available Today?    By: Michael Ford
Full time employment is going the way of the dinosaur. A new trend in hiring provides a more liquid job market that makes it easier and faster to be hired than ... of working at home, never driving to work again can lead you into a totally new type of employment where you are in control of your time and your money.
Why hire recruiters?    By: Toby Marshall
Recruiters can be a good option, in certain circumstances, but there are pitfalls to the process. When should you use a recruitment consultant and why? The ... this free article and other free resources on this topic, visit http://www.abacusrecruit.com.au/library-of-articles/39-testimonial-article/94-hiring-a-recruiter.
Earn Your Associate’s Degree in Information Systems and Technology    By: Abby Reid
Students who are interested in computers and information systems should pursue a college education in information systems and technology. This training degree ... relates to the corporate world and its everyday operations, experience how technology benefits a business environment in many different contexts
Job Search Advice from 4 Interviewers – Beat Your Competition!    By: Catherine Jones
Ronald Reagan once said: "A recession is when your friend loses their job. A depression is when you lose yours." We're hovering on the edge of a recession ... to people and ask them about positions which are not advertised. You can safely assume that any job which is posted online is being deluged with applicants.
CV and Resume Lies - Should You Tell Them?    By: Catherine Jones
The job market is nothing if not competitive these days. How can you present yourself to prospective employers in a way which will make you stand out? A lot ... at all costs so you don't have to worry about the negative consequences which can result if you are found out putting misleading information on your resume.
Job Interview Tips: 5 Ways to Increase Your Confidence    By: Pamela Watson
Why do job interviews make you feel uncomfortable and stressed? Because interviews are designed to see if what you're selling is worth buying. Usually you're ... to double back to something the interviewer has said during the interview. In this way, you will be able to reinforce the connection which has been created.
How to Quickly Get to the Essence of Your Employer Brand    By: Toby Marshall
"If your employees love working for your company and buy into your employer brand, they will be your best advertising." Nigel Barcham. So, you know that your ... this free article and other free resources on this topic, visit http://www.abacusrecruit.com.au/library-of-articles/39-testimonial-article/92-employer-brands.
What is HVAC Training?    By: Abby Reid
HVAC is a continuously growing and extremely lucrative industry whose workers are extremely in demand. Also known as climate control, HVAC stands for heating, ... HVAC workers. Currently, HVAC professionals are earning an average of $37,000 annually. In 2004, approximately 270,000 HVAC workers exist in the United States.
Careers in Nursing    By: Dl Hoh
A career in nursing is one of the most rewarding career that one can find. However, it is also one of the more demanding one. You should be prepared to help ... to have a career in nursing, you may volunteer at a local hospital. There are plenty of nursing schools around if you wish to pursue your education to be a nurse.
Pursue a Business Management College Education    By: Abby Reid
Students who are interested in a business and leadership career should pursue college degree training in business management. This education program offers ... industries such as retail, health care, hospitality, finance, government, education, non-profit, telecommunications, transportation, entertainment and production.
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