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Don’t Risk Your Life And Buy New Headlights

By: Tim Saunier

Maintenance I have been living in San Diego for 31 years now and when I sum up this time I just can say:" Thank you god for creating such a great place in this wonderful world". Everyone who has been here once will agree with me and knows what I mean when I say San Diego is one of the greatest cities: Beaches with white sand, girls with golden brown tans, and the Chargers, who play on a great green field. But not just the colors are varied, the people are as well. Asians, Spanish, Europeans and of course Americans so that I can proudly say San Diego represents and celebrates the multicultural way of life.

But a few weeks ago I had an experience that does not fit in my always positive life that I have been enjoying so much. After one of the numerous parties here in my hometown, I drove back home because I was pretty tired. I did not drink alcohol the whole night so that I would be able to drive my car the five miles to my blessed home. There was just one thing that made me slightly hesitant during the drive. My headlights are not the best anymore and it was pretty hard to see anything on the street. In addition, there were no lights on the sidewalk that could improve my sight. But I knew I was a very good driver and could handle this small risk. I was nearly home when I suddenly saw three young girls in front of me. They were just two yards in front me and my brakes were not able to avoid this disaster, which is the reason for my many nightmares afterwards. Of course I called the police instantly and the officers arrived a few minutes later.

You can imagine how glad I was when I heard that the girls, who were pretty wasted this night, had no bad injuries and wouldn’t be handicapped due to this accident. I know I was very lucky and there is no excuse that I drove without good headlights. But there is no way to revoke this event so I just can do one thing: I have to draw a conclusion of my fault, which had nearly changed my life within a few seconds. The first conclusion was of course to drive more carefully than before, even if I can say that I was never a rude driver. But there is always a way to improve yourself and I always think of it now when I am sitting in my truck. The other logical conclusion was to purchase new headlights for my auto. And seriously it is such a big difference to get good powerful lights instead of old, not really working lights, which have no function anymore. This was the first time I could really enjoy driving at night, although I have to admit that I very often think about the three girls who fortunately left the hospitals a few days ago. I know it has nothing to do with the story itself but one of the girls is pretty hot and I spent last evening with her in a very nice restaurant. So if I sum up the whole story I nearly can say that the benefits I earned from it, outweigh the bad things. Maybe I can say in ten years that this night was the beginning of a great romantic love story that lead to a marriage.

Concerning the purchase of the Headlights I prefer to use the internet for research. There you can find the best selection of all kinds of auto accessories like new the Tail Lights for instance.
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