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Main Causes of Water Pollution

By: Nathalie Fiset

Environment Today, the world is facing one of the most serious problems of humanity and other forms of life, pollution. It is a known fact that pollution is very rampant all over the globe. Just look around and you will see rivers, lakes, beaches that are murky, stinky, and lifeless. Plastic, empty cans, bottles, and other trash have replaced the fishes and other wonderful marine creatures that used to reside under water. Yet, when scarcity arises and when epidemics occur many point their fingers to others and turn their backs from the responsibility. But in fact there is no one else to blame but the people. Man is the main cause of water pollution.

People pollute the water with chemicals and other hazardous materials. People have no regard to water their source of life. They do not realize that this once abundant resource is rapidly being contaminated due to their negligence and carelessness.

Waste disposal has always been a chronic problem, not only because of the quantity of wastes, but because of its kind and the inadequate provision for a good system and technology to address the problem. There are many sources of water pollution but it is not the source that is really causing the problem but the improper disposal of the pollutants. People resort to careless disposal because it is cheaper, more advantageous, or simply convenient to them.

When you are taking a bath using your favorite shampoo or whenever you wash your laundry using no other than the best detergent in town, it is certain that before buying those products you really never consider asking yourself whether their contents can harm the environment or not. What mattered more was the scent and softness of your hair and the clean comfort of your clothes. Instead of finding an environmental friendly product, you simply chose convenience and your satisfaction of meeting your interests. However, if you will support environmental friendly products and become more conscientious of how you can avoid contributing to water pollution, then the world has gotten rid of one polluter.

In the same way, if chemical factories are only equipped with better facilities that can release treated wastewater, there will be no harm done to the lakes or rivers where they dump their by products. If home owners associations will work to build and provide their subdivisions with sewage treatment facilities, eutrophication can be controlled and dying bodies of water will be spared. But as mentioned, polluters choose the easier way where they can save on operation costs and where they can rid themselves of the hassles of responsibility. Anyway, they are not affected by the effects of their misdeeds.

Aside from improper and careless waste disposal, another main cause of water pollution is toxic substances coming from industrial, agricultural and domestic use. Trace elements of lead, cadmium, mercury, dioxins are detected in different water sources which sometimes accumulate in the water supply causing health problems. These toxic substances come from industries such mining, power plants, automobile manufacturers and others that produce toxic substances leading to bodies of water. Apart from these industries, these toxic materials contaminate the water through accidents like chemical or oil spills.

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