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How to get your online business

By: Harrry Brown

Ecommerce To get a business online, three steps need to be taken. The first is to create a website or portal for the business, the second is to optimize the site per the search engine requirements and the third and last is to promote it through the channels possible. A Website having given a professional look is a great platform to market the products or services that an organization offers. It can reach customers who are otherwise not possible through traditional methods of advertising and marketing. The online method is also cost effective.

Creating a website:

It’s been some time since many organizations have started realizing and believing in the potential of the Internet with relation to e-commerce and are making their first step towards getting associated with Internet by creating their websites.

However even before a website is created but Having decided to bring the business online, one would need to choose a domain name which best reflects the corporate identity and book some virtual space in the web to host the website. A good hosting service provider will also offer a number of tools and services that would make getting online a quick and easy experience.

Launching the website:

Once being through with the development of the website, the site has to be hosted in the internet. Here ends the process towards getting the business online. However, the purpose of the website does not end here and the second step starts with taking the measures for generating traffic to the website, so that the offerings are viewed and opted by visitors of the site. One of such measure is to optimize the website.

Optimising per the search engine requirements:

Optimising a website is like advertising on demand. The normal advertising is done to a large audience with an aim to create demand for a particular product, but for search engine optimisation the products become audiences for a demand. It’s the product that has to come forward in the top ranks in reply of a search. Studies have revealed that a visitor when searches for a product clicks on first few websites which surfaces up and settles with one of them. Search optimisation involves a great deal of technical knowledge and also requires continuous effort to maintain a high ranking on search engine results pages.

Once the site is optimised with keywords and per the requirements of the search engines the second step towards getting the business online is completed. The third and last step starts with the promotion measures.

Promoting the website:

There are few effective ways by which the visibility and traffic in the site increase. Major search engines offer 'cost per click' or ‘pay per click’ (CPC or PPC) pricing for ads in their search results. The scheme is designed in a cost effective way and the business has to pay only for actual clicks and visits through these advertisements.

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