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Useful Hints for Web Designers

By: Manish Rawat

Web Hosting Web designing is as simple as counting 1,2,3 on your fingers. I am not saying this but there are many software in the market which claims and promise it to be true with the help of their software. We all understand it to be a marketing gimmick but still many among us falls into that booby trap. Could be possible that the site runs flawlessly on a particular browser but only on Ďa particularí one despite of the fact there are many being used in this netizens world. The worst hit you when you acknowledge that people are using multiple browsers. So making a website compatible to majority used browsers becomes a necessity.

Now suppose you have a website which sells stuff online. Being a vendor, a website is your only medium to talk to your target audience and for that it must not be biased to some particular browser. This could cut half of your prospects, resulting a dip in the probability of making a sale.

Web Designing is, in my opinion, an optimum mix of creative skills & technical prowess Ė and one is no less important than the other. Below are the few points that I have read from some good valuable articles and blogs. Some are from my personal experience too that I have experimented and implemented at my time of work.

1 .Images are better than thousands words in explaining yourself-Itís correct, but it does not mean that you truckload your website with images only. Many net users have dial-up connections and heavy images take time to load. This increases the load time and make user impatient.

2. Make your website a master piece but what would be the use if the user will not be able to navigate trough your website. Navigation and functionality are other important areas where one should focus.

3. Avoid complaints of Mystery Meat Navigation( You donít realize a link is a link until you do not hover your mouse).

4. There are many browsers which are coming. You may not know which browser your site visitor is using so if your site is not working on some particular browser you can inform your user by putting notice on your site. This will help your user not to loose his temper and fly away from your site. Instead he may open your site on requested browser.

5. A new design trick that is increasingly being used on the web has caught my fancy: It is a very functional navigation bar that guides you across all possible paths within the site. It looks something like this: Home > Section > Subsection > Page

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