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Advertising through Direct Response TV

By: Robert Melkonyan

Marketing and Advertising The most popular products are not always the most useful ones but rather the ones that are well marketed. The problem with advertising for many companies is the cost. Traditional commercials on television are cost prohibitive in many circumstances. However, there is good news for marketers and that is direct response TV. This particular medium for advertising is more affordable and is sold in two forms, short and long. While direct response TV advertising is not cheap it is sometimes as little as half the price as typical television advertising. That makes it an affordable option for getting a product on television and marketing it to the masses.

That is an important key, though, because if the product is not something that would appeal to the masses it is not going to sell enough units through an infomercial to be worth the cost. Generally, products that appeal to the masses that do well through direct response TV are things like house wares, exercise equipment, personal care products, and the like. Anything that most anyone could use or need is a great contender for direct response TV advertisement. There are a few niche products that can be successful through direct response TV, like golf, simply because golfers are willing to spend a lot of money on products to help their game. Otherwise, direct response TV might not be the answer.

There is no set price for remnant time that is sold for direct response TV marketers. Instead, the ultimate price depends on how much time is needed, how much time is available, and how well the negotiations work out. It is not uncommon for the airtime to be as little as half price, but may be a little closer to 2/3 the price based on many factors.

The general public generally refers to direct response TV as infomercials and most people will say they don't particularly care for infomercials; however they are hard to stop watching once you see a really cool product being demonstrated. For example, super sharp knives that can cut through anything or a new piece of exercise equipment that will result in perfect abs in as little as 5 minutes a day. It's hard to stop watching and that's what marketers count on. They catch your attention and then wow you with the product. A call to action will consist of a 1-800 number appearing on the screen or else a website where the item may be purchased. It's an easy way to shop, there are no salespeople breathing down your neck, and in most cases it's more affordable than buying a similar product from a local store. Direct response TV works well for advertisers and consumers so it will likely be a popular method for advertising for years to come.

For more information on direct response TV, be sure to visit A. Eicoff & Company, the ad agency that started it all.
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