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Tips to Choose Your Managed Hosting Provider

By: Nitin Malik

Web Hosting As they say, only asking the right questions would fetch the right answers. For the small or medium-sized enterprise, this implies very much while choosing a managed hosting provider.

It is important to be aware of the strengths and limitations of your managed hosting provider as that would determine the quality of service offered to your business. As hosting is available in many shapes and sizes, it is becoming difficult to discover the right managed hosting provider. In essence, one should be aware of all the parameters to evaluate the right managed hosting partner.

Outlined below are the considerations that will help you to understand and select the right managed hosting service to fit your business needs.

Past Performance and Experience – Figures and statistics hide more than what they reveal. So scrutinize business figures of all the managed hosting providers. Verify their past performance and the amount of experience in managed hosting. If possible, talk to the existing customers of managed hosting provider to know about the real service delivery efficiency. It’s also a good idea to evaluate the service based on hosting provider’s expertise, implementation processes, deployment speed, compliance level and visibility in the market.

Technology Infrastructure – The best-of-breed technology solutions can provide a competitive edge to an organization. So it is critical to examine the quality of the IT infrastructure your managed hosting provider. Ensure that you get the latest staples in the technology at competitive prices and advanced technical applications and tools are used to serve your business.

Maximum Uptime – Uptime is very important as this directly impact the business productivity. Though anything above 98% is considered very good uptime still try to find out the approx 99.99% guaranteed uptime and also keep notice of the additional cost that comes with every single 9 attached in the digit. Read all the clauses as few outages don’t come under the SLAs.

Overall Cost – The cost of a managed hosting plan can vary according to the different packages offered by the hosting provider. So compare and evaluate every single hosting package and focus on their respective features, associated cost, and SLAs. Choose a managed hosting plan which meets your business needs fully. Many managed hosting providers offer flexible hosting plans which can be modified as your need grows. Usually, a monthly payment plan is preferred as that works best for beginners.

Support – One of the most important things that you can enquire about is the support provided by the managed hosting provider such as telephone support, email, FAQ sections, etc. Having 24x7 support at your fingertips can be a big motivation to choose the best managed hosting provider. Poor support means more cost and less efficiency and vice-versa.

These factors would help you to decide whether a managed hosting provider can understand their specific requirements easily and facilitate enough support to business or not. Achieve the promised outcome of managed hosting by asking the right questions and choosing a suitable managed hosting provider!

Nitin Malik is an expert author and writes about managed hosting, enterprise hosting and application services. For managed hosting services, he recommends NaviSite Inc.
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