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Can You Learn SEO by SEO Book?

By: Jon Sparks

Search Engine Optimization Although SEO is already an established industry and it looks like it's here to stay, there are few places where you can learn it. There are no college courses on SEO and search marketing is yet to make its way into universities. SEOs often have to learn their trade by trial and error, but when your website's rankings and business are at stake errors are the last thing you'd want to make right?

Good news there's a safer way to learn how to promote your website in the search engines. There's a new SEO book authored by experienced website promoter Dan Richmond and called SEO in Practice that can help you master the basics and advanced SEO techniques without having to figure it all out on your own.

Whether you're only starting to learn SEO or already have some experience and want to go deeper into the topic you'll find a lot of interesting and useful information in the book. Dan shares his 10+ year expertise in website promotion covering every aspect of organic search engine optimization.

Keyword Research

How do you pick the keywords to optimize for? How do you determine how many people actually search for these keywords? What tools can help you do your keyword research more effectively? You'll find answers to all these and other questions in the SEO book. Considering myself a rather experienced SEO I was surprised to learn some very powerful keyword research tricks I've never thought of before.

Content Optimization

Great content is the key to success for any website. However in the online world where most of the traffic comes from search engines your content needs to be not only good, but also well optimized. Otherwise people simply won't be able to find it. Dan's book goes deep into the content structure telling you how to properly optimize each and every element and what impact it will have on your search engine rankings.

Link Building

Link building is the backbone of every search engine optimization strategy. If you don't have quality incoming links to your website you'll have a hard time struggling to rank anywhere on Google and other search engines.

From SEO in Practice you'll learn how to find quality link sources and get links from them, how to determine the link value, how to avoid bad linking neighborhoods, how to make your link building natural and much more.

This SEO Book is pure gold for anyone interested in SEO and the best thing about it that unlike gold, it's totally free.

Jon Sparks is a professional website promoter and online marketer. If you liked this article Jon recommends reading this SEO Book for more search engine optimization materials.
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