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Wealth Creation, The Recession And You

By: Buck Brent

Wealth-Building The Pain of 2008 has only been carried forward into 2009. I've lost count how many times I've heard a financial expert say "the Dow has bottomed out and we have seen the worst of it." Conversely, I have heard many more commentators say that things are going to become a lot worse before they get better. One thing everyone has in common is that we all believe there is great uncertainty.

Of all the wealth creation principles, no one principal is more important than committing yourself to success. This principle holds true for individuals just beginning the path of building wealth as well as those individuals that are well on their way on the path. Knowing and understanding this one of several wealth creation principals is important because wealthy people are committed to being rich, whereas unsuccessful people just want to be rich.

However, the average individual is not willing to commit himself to wealth creation. Want is the first step in doing so. If you ask people if they want to be rich, 99 percent of them will undoubtedly say yes. So, if the majority of people want to be rich and wealthy, then why are there not tons of wealthy people? The question is rooted in commitment. Whereas, wanting and desiring to be rich is the first step in building wealth, want and desire alone is insufficient. Want without an unwavering commitment means nothing. If fact, in order to ensure wealth creation for yourself, you have to be fully and totally committed.

Without some sort of risk, we can never accomplish anything great and worthwhile. I bet you have never heard of a successful person who was not willing to take some sort of risk. when you take risks to create the life of your dreams, you are not just taking an uneducated risk. You will take the time to explore the opportunities that present themselves and have time to decide if they are the right ones for you. However you will not want to get stuck in analysis paralysis because this will prevent you from moving forward and you will never get anywhere.

It is important that you strive to improve how you think, speak, feel, and act, first and foremost. Once these changes have been implemented and have become habit, then concentrate on attaining external goals to reach your main objective of getting rich, and getting rich now!

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