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Dating and Seeking Love

By: Francis K. Githinji

Dating The art of dating is after seeking the missing link in the middle of the heart of man. It is the perfect way towards fulfilling the call of distress as the love you feel for someone takes the image of a human being. It is said that you are better of joking with a dragon that is spitting fire than joking with a man who has been hit by the love bug. It is a small animal that makes men act in a very dangerous and aggressive manner.

Love is such that it was not created by any chemical reaction, although a reaction between two chemical elements from two people in love forges forth a reaction that sends a man and woman into the hands of each other and begins a dating relationship like no ones business. Love is such that you donít know what to do until you have been able to put your case across to the one who has triggered the attraction. There is something in dating that is after seeking love to the effect that, it makes a human to rare himself or herself to go to any length, any cost to find what his or her heart is after.

It is said that in my loverís place, there are no mountains. This just depicts the willingness of the human heart to go to any extra length to find the one and only thing that seems to make sense. Men have been known to have suffered madness that makes their dating instances ways of stressing their devotion to the other partner in a way saying that they will always respect them, at whatever cost. You cannot argue with the spirit of love and endearing, and for anybody else suffering from its engineered problems there is no measure of things it cannot do to capture and attain it.

Love is a lethal brew that makes all those who take it to seek the balance between them and the kind of endearment they have for each other. Love will make you meet the person you cannot stay away from at whatever dating instance. Love is just that you are always looking for a chance to go out with the one of your heart, as you find anything to use as a way of making the person to go for a dating spree with you. It is very easy to find love, it is just that many people donít know how, or where they should do that.

A man who has found something to live for and receives reciprocated love is the happiest of them all. There is no search for love that is equivalent to the search of any job or vacancy. You can never relent or lack the impetus to find love or the person who will give it to you, since you are more than ready to do anything in your life. Seeking love is not for the faint hearted, as love itself is not faint.

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