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Effective Website Design Solutions

By: Rakhi Chowdhary

Web Hosting With technological advancement, digitalization and integration of various platforms number of websites is increasing day by day. Just having a website would not do, how many aficionados are there of your website??? How many clicks do you get on your website per day??? Does your website rank well and generate leads??? Effective website design is most important to attract your visitors so that they stick to your website and also find solutions on your website. I believe for effective website design basic knowledge of web design and development is essential.

In this tech savvy world, effective web design requires expertise and pragmatism in web design, graphics, search engine optimization and content as well. Mere web design knowledge would not work if the website is not search engine friendly.

You are thinking of creating world class website; do not worry! Just keep the following points into your mind for designing professional website.

Layout and design of a website is accountable for its effectiveness. Moreover, these are the key points on which a website’s popularity depends. Effective web design includes text type, text size, font size and font color, navigation system, color scheme. Web page with lots of graphics, images, flash banners may take time to load; visitors may get agitated and leave your website. Web design and development companies are advised to spend considerable time in finalizing final website design with clean layout and all web pages elements well organized. A professional web design and development company should consider these points. A professional web design and development company follows different development methodologies like agile development, extreme programming, rational unified process and model view controller before deriving any final conclusion.

Online business, media optimization, internet marketing and technology like web 2.0 have led to growth and increase in number of small, mid sized and large web design and development companies taking them to heights.

For internet presence of a website there are a number of prerequisites. Also, these professional web design companies are driven by rise of online business, social networks and communities, mashups and lot more.

For a company with a core competency other than IT, the best way to get it done is by outsourcing its web design and development requirements to any offshore web design company to ensure cost effectiveness. Moreover, there are a large number of startup offshore web design and development companies which offer professional web design and development services at cheap rates. The fact that they are cheap should not be mistaken for their web design quality. Rather these offshore web design companies by providing cheap web design and development services, want to build a strong list of client base and also attract a large number of customers and thus get established in the highly competitive market.

Web is the best place to find number of offshore web design and development companies. When a user enters a query string (keyword or keyphrase) for simple search then major search engines such as Google, yahoo, msn etc. will give a list of these web design and development companies. These search engines have a huge database of affordable, cheap, professional web design and development companies and a simple search will show you a list of such companies.

Rakhi Chowdhary, is a SEO copywriter executive strategist analyst, at an open source web development company India. PHP development company offers custom website design development, custom web design solutions, open source web design, open web design, custom application development.
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