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Top Five Reasons to Choose Application Management

By: Nitin Malik

Web Hosting Effective application management is very critical for day-to-day normal operations in a company. Applications demands configuration, upgrades, migration, timely fix, and appropriate replacement which can disrupt the processes and impact the productivity. In the absence of application management, a small error in handling applications can develop bigger problems for the organization. Here are the top five reasons why Application management is critical to meet your business application needs:

• Higher Uptime And Enhanced Performance - A successfully implemented application management system ensures that all applications are not only better managed but also optimized for higher uptime and enhanced performance. It provides real-time visibility into the application status at various levels and help in checking the performance standards. Today, it’s practically not possible to function without critical application management support. It is very simple to understand – application performance is directly associated with the enterprise’s performance.

• Consistent Compatibility with Changing Technology - Beside, the changing technology seeks higher compatibility with the existing applications. At times, an organization needs to upgrade or introduce a new platform. However, it is quite possible that the existing application doesn’t work with the changed OS. Either the application is incompatible or the packaging of the application for installation can be the real problem. This demands adequate testing for the application at individual level as well as at the packaging of the application. Application management takes care of these problems very efficiently without disturbing the routine processes and tasks.

• Application Security at Best - Everyone knows that the sound performance is not the sole criteria of healthy application functioning. They should be secure enough to counter any external or internal threat. Application security should be an increasingly important part of your business. Application management addresses application security issues by incorporating the best security practices within the application development lifecycle. It helps you find and fix security vulnerabilities at the initial level. Application management helps you scanning the complete application environment - network, databases, and user accounts.

• No Worry of Upgrades - Improving your organization’s IT operational efficiency is no easy task since most of organizations continue to grapple with certain applications which are no more required by the resources and serve no value to the growth. Application management enables enhancements of those redundant applications and ensures that they are integrated properly into the application management lifecycle of IT applications.

• Accelerate business Growth - Applications drive a company's business processes. And, the demands placed on these applications only continue to intensify. Application management system meets all of these requirements ranging form initial development and implementation to hosting and ongoing application management. Enterprises can accelerate their business performance and lower total cost of ownership across the complete application lifecycle by choosing Application management.

Finally, the choice is yours. Continue to win your business with Application Management. For more information about Application Management solutions and their benefits, please visit NaviSite Inc.

Nitin Malik is an expert author and writes about IT hosting and application services. For application management services, he recommends NaviSite Inc.
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