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The Nokia N97 - Why is Everyone So Excited?

By: Caroline Telford

Product Reviews It is being called a "pocket laptop" and the media attention it has garnered since first announced is making it one of the most talked about pieces of equipment of the year. It is the Nokia N97 and it is coming soon. When the company, Finnish in origin, released the announcement of its new flagship, immediate buzz hit the hit the mainstream. The announcement for the immense advance in technology was made on December 2, 2008; its release is to follow in mid 2009. The excitement over Nokia's newest in a steady line of good equipment is mainly due to the features the company has stated will be included.

Paramount in the latest technology, the mobile phone will feature a three and a half inch TFT color touch screen display. The display alone generates enthusiasm for it will be large, clear, sharp and easy to navigate. But, the touch screen is only the beginning. A slide out keyboard will give users a choice of either typing via the screen or using the mini keys. An exciting feature will be the built in 32 GB memory, making the need for expandable memory almost obsolete and creating an easy storage device for plenty of music and other media. In the past, camera phones have been more for fun than for actual high quality photography, but with this device, that will all change for it features a built in 5 megapixel, autofocus camera with video and flash. The handheld will also feature 64 polyphonic ringtones, Skype VoIP support, and a GPS system.

A very notable feature of the Nokia N97 is the battery life. Touting over six hours of continuous talk time, up to four hundred hours stand-by, and up to thirty seven hours music play back, it is unrivaled in battery life. Sporting a smooth, silver finish and only weighing in at one hundred fifty grams, this little device will fit neatly in a pocket. The overall dimensions are 117 x 55 x 15.9 mm, so it is very compact in size.

The phone will feature some nifty extra features, including a TV out jack, a micro SD expansion bay, and Bluetooth connectivity. Some smart additions are included with the device's touch screen and internet connectivity. The touch screen itself will shake slightly when touched so that the user knows that a function or key has been chosen. The main home screen will be fully customizable, and can feature icons for the user's favorite internet and social networking sites. In fact, there will be a connectivity feature that allows users to stay in constant connection with the social mega site, Facebook.

With so many advanced features, Wi-Fi Capability, Blue Tooth, immense on-board memory, and extended battery life, the Nokia N97 is expected to be a hit and a rival to the touch screen smart phones that have already made a splash in the market. The excitement generated over this advanced piece of technology has not yet been dampened by its higher price tag. In a world hungry for new and inventive technology, Nokia may just have a winner.

About the Author: Looking for a new mobile phone? When comparing devices, it's well worth considering upcoming handsets such as the Nokia N97.
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