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Dating and Cheating within

By: Francis K. Githinji

Dating You might have been dating for a couple of months now, but there has been something inside you that is telling you that not everything is right about you and your partner. The fire that you had in the relationship, the kind of wild sexual play you had and the many dates you attended are slowly coming into naught. You begin suspecting the worst, that he must be seeing someone else. You are not able to determine what could have brought the causal affair to take place. Sometimes you are even sure it is not an affair and you feel you must be a jealous person and that you are blind to the whole panorama of your relationship.

Let us face it. It is one of the hardest things to determine in a dating relationship, though, when feel doubts creeping in you must be on the lookout for those behaviors that will give you the whole picture. You must be aware that if at all the partner is having an affair, then she or he has a habit of being overtly attentive more than his or her usual self. He must have showered you with myriad gifts and unworthy compliments and reek of inappropriateness. This could easily be a way of trying to live with his guilt.

You can have it that incases the partner to your dating relationship is cheating; there is a sudden transformation of his routine. You must have noticed his new habit of staying outdoors for some extra hours than usual and fails to take dinner, as well as being unaccountable for his whereabouts. Altering a routine is something that communicates a lot, and you can take it as a sign of cheating. Another sign of dating in a relationship is the frequency of fights you are having, which can easily depict much trouble. The psychological explanation to this crude way of fury is that he wants a chance and a reason to leave and grace the person he sees.

You might not be the one who squarely shoulders the blame, and many are the times when the cheater will be after ways of justifying his actions. Look at the way the man is more critical of your dating relationship and to your actions, usually. His criticism is just in search of an emotional reason to fly out to his mistress. Their guilty mind is also sensitive to kinds of criticism that you show them, since anything you tell them will always trigger some an acrid feeling of guilt which they are not read to face.

Another thing to check as you try to determine if he is cheating you is that most of the times that you have fights, he is always menacing you with calling the relationship a total failure. He might be deriving a lot of pleasure from the ultimatums he is giving you because he does not worry. There is a back up somewhere incase you have decided to go separate ways.

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