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Make Up - A Girls Guide To The Perfect Make Up For A Date

By: Susan Lancaster

Dating First of all make up really can be a girls best friend but it can also be you worst enemy so here is a brief guide to make up for special occasions and dates.

Do not wear the same make up you've worn for years, at any age wearing old or old fashioned make up can simply make you look awful so keep it fresh and light. Wearing old clumpy make up is just no good.

Finding that flawless foundation is the basic for good make up.
Whether you have teenaged spots, too old to have spots or you're just loosing the vibrancy of your complexion, foundation is the answer. Having a one size fits all attitude is no good either your skins colour changes with the seasons so have a slightly lighter coloured foundation for the winter months and in the summer you can use it as a concealer too. Finding the right shade is best done with the help of your best friend in natural light on your jaw line. If you need thicker cover then look at buying one that will do 12 hours or is slightly heavier but if you just need to balance your complexion then getting a light sheer foundation will keep it very natural.

Get your eyebrows in check.
Having the confidence to pluck your eyebrows is quite unusual these days with most women opting to let someone else do it but simply follow the line from the outside of your nostrils up and that's where you eyebrows should start, so pluck everything in the middle. Then if you do not have a natural arch shape in your eyebrow then create one by looking at your eyes to check where the outside edge of your iris falls follow this upwards and that's where the peak of your arch should fall.

Eye shadow and mascara
Even though your date may well be at night the general trend is less is more so picking a soft peach colour or one just a few shades darker than your skin tone can look really nice. Applying over your eye not up to the eyebrow and then using a false lash effect mascara will look simple but elegant.

Blusher should blend fairly well with your skin tone and be applied on your cheek apples, to find these smile and go for the centre of the rounded parts of your cheeks.

There are many products on the market to give you stay on lipstick in every colour so here's where you can find a shade to say kiss me now in a bolder colour or simply apply Vaseline and have shiny lips. This all depends on how you feel and whether it goes with location and outfit.

Always get someone you trust to give you advice on your make up and play it slightly safe for first dates and special occasions like a wedding you don't want to look like you're making too much effort. With a later date you can be a little more cheeky and make you lips pop especially if you're planning a little bedroom action but keeping your eyes fairly natural is a good idea because the wrong colour can just look awful. As much as men don't want to know about all the tricks of the trade they'll soon notice if you get it wrong.

Susan is a relationship expert who advises couples and singles in the online dating world. Susan works for Lovestruck.com who let you search for singles who live nearby such as with Online Dating London.
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