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Lanterns That Cast a Town: Hoi An Hotels Vietnam

By: Andy Nguyen

Travel Spot A place so magical would bring you into a calm and serene state. Imagine a wonderful sea of lights that provides glorious pleasure to the human eye. A blanket of peace and a wave of fresh air is what you need these days. A place this pleasant would be so relaxing and satisfying enough to lure you from the busy concepts of the modern world.

Hoi An is a small city located on the coast of the South China Sea in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Hoi An hotels Vietnam is home to over eighty eight thousand inhabitants. The city, which was a harbor town, was used to be called Lam Ap Pho or Champa City. Between the seventh and tenth centuries, the city controlled the strategic spice trade and with this trade came great wealth for the people. In 1999, the historic town was known as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is a well-preserved example of the Southeast Asian trading port of the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. The buildings displaying unique blends of foreign influences made Hoi An one of the world’s existing treasures.

There are so many interesting things to see in Hoi An hotels Vietnam. One historical site is the Japanese covered bridge that was constructed in the 1600’s by the Japanese community. Another wonderful site to see in Hoi An is the Quan Cong Temple which was built on 1653 to honor a Chinese general of the same name. Some must-sees in Hoi An hotels Vietnam would be the Museum of Trade Ceramics, the Phun Hung house, the Tan Ky house, the Tran family home and chapel, the Cantonese Assembly Hall, the Fukian Assembly Hall, the Chinese All-community meeting Hall, Cua Dai beach and My Son.

Among these many historic places in Hoi An hotels Vietnam exists an experience worth remembering. By spending a night in Hoi An, during their famous Full Moon Festival, your mind would be at complete tranquil. What make nights in Hoi An special are its lanterns which make the sky an eternity of wonder. Every month, 14 days after the new moon, the old town becomes even more charming when its residents and shop owners turn off their electricity and hang lighted lanterns in front of their houses and stores. To blend in with the store lanterns a procession of small floats winds its way through the streets and along the riverfront by candle light. Lantern nights in Hoi An are breathtaking events you should witness.

The history of the lanterns was influenced by Japanese merchants during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. These merchants often hung lanterns along the poles in front of their houses. Because of this, locals also began hanging lanterns with hopes of bringing good luck to the town. For many years, these traditional colored lanterns have captivated visitors in Hoi An hotels Vietnam. The lanterns are one of the many reasons why foreigners often want to travel here. These lanterns not only pose for the night but they also carry distinctive cultural values of the town. Travelling to this enchanting city would be a perfect vacation deal.

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