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How To Put Together A Home Recording Studio

By: Gyorgy Huba

Books and Music You can pick from a dazzling range of equipment when setting up a home recording studio. Here are some tips on what you need. When you are recording in a home recording studio the quality of the sound is of the utmost importance. This is the thing you must keep in mind when your are choosing your home recording equipment.

The first thing on your shopping list should be a multi-track recorder. If you are living in the late twentieth century you can have an analog recorder that uses tape or a digital recorder that uses digital tape. The analog kind is a little cheaper.

A wiser option would be to get a multi-track recorder that uses a computer hard drive. This has all but superseded the other types of recording devices. With a hard drive you can save your channel settings as well as your music. The amount of music you can save depends on the size of the hard drive.

If you are going to use a computer to record and save your music, your home computer will probably do fine but you might want to get a better quality sound card. You will need sequencing software like Cubase SX, ProTools, Cakewalk Sonar or GuitarTracks that allows you to mix signals from a microphone or from electronic instruments.

Now let's talk microphones. Your microphone is based on consistency and quality. A condenser microphone is the best quality and you will need a pop filter if you are recording vocals.

Studio speakers are called monitors. They are made for the purpose of aiding in the process of the production of music. They are extremely accurate in their reproduction of the bare sound without adding anything to make the music sound better. The quality of the sound is high but no frequency is made more prominent at the expense of another.

An important part of home recording studio is the mixer. The mixer is a gadget that can be an actual piece of studio hardware or it can be digital. The recording studio mixer blends the signals coming through the microphone. It turns electronic impulses into sounds that you can use and manipulate in the studio. With a mixer you can change the dynamics of the tone of several audio signals at once.

An electric guitarist uses effects on stage and your home recording studio is going to need some effects software that reproduces the effects you use on gigs.

This is a basic run through of the equipment you will need to start a home recording studio. You can visit guitar forums or simply do a Google search for more information on free effects plugins and tutorials on recording your guitar.

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