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Newsletters And The Internet On Bird Watching

By: Julie Souto

Pets Newsletters - Winging it is not a magazine, book, or journal. It is an informal newsletter aimed specifically at the American Birding Association members. This newsletter updates the members with any recent finding about birds and birding in North America. It also follows the news in other parts of the world and communicates it to the ABA members. This newsletter is a membership publication and has been providing the ABA members with interesting and pertinent news wince 1989.

If you're looking for a younger perspective then A Bird's-Eye View might be what you're seeking. A Bird's-Eye View is a bimonthly newsletter that is written by members of the American Birding Association who are students. This newsletter is nothing to scoff at. The young group of writers provides readers with topics on identification, field skills, optics, artwork, news, and many other areas of interest. Definitely a great source of information and enjoyable reading with a younger generations twist.


As mentioned many times throughout the chapters of this book, the internet is a great source for information. This is basically true for any topic since we live in a world where the internet is considered an information super highway. If you have access to the internet then it's a great way to gain information on birding. All you have to do is use a search engine, and with a click of the enter button your screen will fill with hundreds of websites, journals, and articles. Pretty much anything that has to do with birds, bird watching, or birding will instantly appear.

Even if you veer away from many of the main web pages such as the American Birding Association or the National Audubon Society, there is still a lot of information out there. Fellow birders are eager to share their knowledge and findings with everyone. If you have questions, there are online forums where you can post it and have someone answer it for you. This is especially great if you are someone who doesn't have the time to call organizations or go to local meetings or clubs in your area. The internet can be extremely helpful and informative to a birder, whether they lack experience, or if their novice in the field.

It just has to be remembered that the internet is a place where anyone can post information. Because of this, some of the information posted may be incorrect or have flaws in it. Even those with the best of intentions can be wrong about certain things. If you are looking for thoroughly researched information, then it might be wise to stick to a well known organization.

To read about magpie bird and bunting bird, visit the About Animals site.
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