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Benefits of Choosing Managed Hosting

By: Nitin Malik

Web Hosting One look at the Managed Hosting business, and it would be easy to realize that it has been there for a long period. Managed Hosting is a good alternative for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) that want to manage their business information systems in an efficient manner but lack resources and capital.

Either they need to hire a fulltime application expert to carry out server functioning, application upgrades, security patches or can choose to outsource the same responsibilities to a managed hosting provider like NaviSite.

Outsourcing day-to-day server and applications tasks is always a more profitable option for SMBs as managed hosting helps them take complete control of their application infrastructure, leveraging the existing resources in a cost-effective manner. In simple words, the managed hosting service provider would run the server, manage the operating systems and upgrade all applications on a regular basis.

Enterprises select managed hosting services for a variety of reasons which make managed hosting a profitable entity. The organizations that select managed hosting for their businesses, they start benefiting from the very beginning as managed hosting brings along “well-managed data centers, efficient server configuration, trained professionals, 24x7 customer support” and much more.

Their frustrating toil ends with managed hosting as things like the network issues, data center, bandwidth, and downtime don’t impact their business applications anymore. What is more, the managed hosting provider takes care of every aspect of server management.

Every business needs some resources such as human, IT and logistical ones. Managed hosting lets a business focus on its core business activities as the effective managed hosting frees up the resources from mundane tasks and relocate them for business growth.

Using Managed hosting lets an enterprise avail a fully managed server environment where servers are fully optimized in a professional manner and they would be relieved of headaches concerned with the technical issues like installation, administration, troubleshooting and reporting. The business would be run on reliable and secure technology infrastructure to provide uninterrupted access to data and applications - anywhere, anytime.

Another reason that many enterprises find managed hosting to be an attractive option is that their server, applications and data gets protected with managed firewall services; network-based intrusion detection; and security assessments. That enables them to grow without any apprehension of security threats.

One of the biggest benefits of managed hosting is its cost-effectiveness. Speedy deployment combined with lower up-front cost make managed hosting a viable alternative for enterprises. There is no need to purchase hardware, software like servers, cables, networking infrastructure etc.

The managed hosting provider would provide not only all these things but also ensure 24x7 connectivity, uninterrupted power and space for the equipments. This would save a lot of money and time.

Nitin Malik is an expert author and writes about IT hosting and application services. For managed hosting, he recommends NaviSite Inc.
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