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Effective Remedies for Sore Throat

By: Pankaj Agrawal

Medicine Sore throat is a common problem that most people witness because of different reasons. Generally, it is caused by viruses, but, bacteria can also be found behind the problem of soar throat. It is viral infection because you may have to live with it in case of flu. However, you can have a soar throat if you like to breathe through mouth instead of nose. To get rid of soar throat, you will have to consider the causes.

Soar throat is witnessed because of the inflammation of mucous membrane. Situation can get worse if tonsils and soft palate also get inflamed. Burning sensation that comes along a soar throat can really make your life difficult. You will not be able to eat anything not only because of the burning sensation and pain.

To treat it, you will have to see as if it is caused by the viruses or the bacteria. In case of viruses, you will have to wait for it to go away on its own. However, you can treat a soar throat which may be because of bacteria. Antibiotics will work well in this case, but, it is essential to understand other symptoms before actually going for antibiotics.

In terms of home remedies, gargling can help a lot. When it comes to gargling, you can find different people using different things to gargle. Salt water gargles can help a lot as it is one of those remedies that are used by people in general. However, you can also go with aloe vera juice to gargle as it has shown some nice results. Apple cider vinegar is another option that can be used to gargle. In fact, apple cider vinegar is considered as the best remedy to kill bacteria causing soar throat. So, gargling is something that can really help you to get some relief while having a soar throat.

Apart from gargling, ginger and chamomile tea can also help you to deal with soar throat as it clears the throat with every sip. You can also make a tea by using slippery elm bark. Just use two tea spoons of slippery elm bark in hot water and the tea is ready. It will not only help you to deal with soar throat, but, it will suppress your coughing as well.

Here, it is pertinent to mention that you will have to take care of other things while using some remedies for soar throat. For instance, if you soar throat is caused by the dryness which is because of sleeping with open mouth then you will have to control this habit. It can dry and block your nasal passages and you will end up getting soar throat.

All in all, it is quite evident that soar throat is quite common. However, you must understand that it can cause some other serious problems as well. So, you must never take it lightly and try to consult with a doctor. Nevertheless, the abovementioned remedies will surely help you make things better, but, you mustnít forget to take a lot of rest along with using them.

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