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Reliable VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

By: Gen Wright

Web Hosting For the small business owner, getting the right hosting plan can be a difficult decision. That is because there are so many types of plans around, and it's difficult to tell which plan is the most ideal plan for the business. To overcome this problem, the business owner has to understand what is being offered by each plan or package. For example, VPS and dedicated hosting seems to be the craze among webmasters these days. But are they the right solution for you?

VPS Hosting.

VPS stands of virtual private server. This plan arises because there is a need for businesses on shared hosting plans to use more resources. Usually, a shared environment is less stable because the same server hosts several hundreds sites. This means there is a competition for server resources. The more sites hosted on the server, the poorer the performance.

The next logical step would be to sign up for a dedicated server solution (more on this later). However, it costs ten times as much to rent a dedicated server, and in many cases, it is true that having a dedicated system is an overkill. The problem is, there is no "in-between" solution to choose from.

The VPS solution is meant to fill this gap. It allows the customer to host his site in a shared environment, but the resources are of the server are dedicated to just his account. That means the site still sits on the same server, but the performance is no longer affected by the other sites. This solution is known as VPS. Of course, you can expect VPS plans to be cheaper than dedicated servers.

Dedicated web hosting.

Dedicated hosting is more for companies who need to run resource intensive software on the servers. For example, you may wish to install a modern customer management software (CMS) that may require a lot more resources than a traditional website. Or you find that the website you own has grown tremendously and you need more power to support the growth. In this case, you may make the leap from shared hosting or VPS to a dedicated hosting environment.

For such hosting plans, there price range can vary greatly. The price depends very much on the type of system that you choose. The more powerful the system, the higher the price. Therefore, you need to understand the demands of your website or applications before signing up for a dedicated server. If you are unsure, sign up for a plan that allows you to upgrade later on. If you have the budget, you may even wish to consider signing up for managed hosting.

For both VPS and dedicated hosting, you get a lot of freedom when it comes to system configuration. To put this in another way, you can act as if you own the server, and configure it anyway you like. You can't do this in a shared hosting environment. This benefit comes in handy especially when you have custom built software that require you to tweak the server settings.

Reliable VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting available.
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