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Everything you ever wanted to know about soccer balls.

By: Gaelic Mac

Sports Soccer balls(http://www.soccerballs.com/) are used every day all around the world in professional matches, as well as in recreational games and practise. But have you ever wondered what a soccer ball is made out of, or how it is made and tested?

Well if you have, then read on to find out everything that you ever wanted to know about a soccer ball!

Elements: Soccer balls are made from three elements and these are, the surface which is usually made from synthetic leather if it is a professional soccer ball, but if it is a cheaper practise ball then it might be made from PU or plastic. The next element is the internal linings which are made from polyester or cotton and the third and last element is the bladder of the ball which is made from latex.

The thickness of a soccer ball is important because the layers separate the bladder and the cover. The lining is hand stitched and in a professional soccer ball, there are usually four layers of lining, but usually practise balls have fewer layers. The bladder of the soccer ball holds the air which keeps the ball inflated. The material used has to be strong and retain air, and they must also have good surface tension.

Making: Most soccer balls are made in Pakistan and the 32 hexagonal panels which you find on the outer surface of the ball and are hand stitched for quality.
There are five steps for making a soccer ball and they are:
1. lining the cover material
2. cutting the panels
3. imprinting the panels
4. making the bladder
5. stitching and final assembly

Testing: All soccer balls, once they are made, need to go through quality control checks to make sure that they are ready to be shipped out to stores all over the world. Firstly, the bladders are checked when they are removed from the moulds to make sure that they do not contain any holes. Then the covering is checked after it has been lined with the backing material and then the printed panels are visually checked and any faulty ones are discarded and replaced.

Once the ball has been stitched together, and inspector will check to make sure that there is no stitching missing and the final check sees that the bladder is inflated and the soccer ball is measured and weighed so that it meets quality standards.

Types: There are many types of Soccer balls(http://www.soccerballs.com/) available to purchase. You have the mini promotional soccer balls which promote a team or a game, a professional soccer ball which is made from the best materials and is usually a replica of the one that you can see being played in professional matches and then there is the practise ball which is the cheapest and usually the best for purchasing your first soccer ball, or a ball for a child to play with.

So, there it is… everything that you ever needed to know about a soccer ball! So the next time you take your ball out for a kick around, remember what makes the performance, the quality and the style!

Happy soccer!

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