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By: David Domenech-foix

Computers and Technology Most of us have interacted through virtual chat worlds at some point in our lives. It has become an important part of human interaction, even if we don’t realize it yet. Have you heard the term "virtual chat" but don’t know what it is? Hopefully by the time you have read this short article you will be familiar with online chat worlds and understand how you can become a virtual chatter.

Chat Worlds

The internet offers a multitude of ways for users to communicate with each other. It is up to the individual user to determine what online chat worlds offer what they need. Some users only want to communicate using chat rooms where you can send messages back and forth. Other users are looking for a full blown virtual reality experience where chat occurs between avatars, (a creative, self-representation of yourself), in real time.

Leave a Message

Answering machines used to give us the chance to receive messages without being pressured to respond. Most people have used excuses to about not receiving messages as a way to avoid other people. Online it’s even easier to maintain an aloof identity. In today’s online chat worlds you won’t be calling but you can definitely choose whether or not to respond.

The most basic of virtual chat worlds is the chat room. A chat room allows users to chat back and forth in a manner similar to email. You can send a message to another user who may or may not respond. You can also chat with multiple users at the same time. These types of chat rooms make it easy to falsify your identity.

Chat rooms are very popular with people who just want the ability to chat with someone else in a simple and easy to use environment. Message boards, where you post a message for another user are similar to chat rooms and are also very popular with some internet users.

Let Me Introduce You…

Many online chat worlds are social networking sites. These sites allow users to meet other users with whom they have something in common. Social networking in online chat worlds is a fantastic way for shy people to meet others. Its also a good way for people who don’t have a lot of free time to meet people who they know they have something in common with.

When joining a social networking site you will fill out a questionnaire and be matched with others based on your interests and profile. After being matched with other users you have the option to communicate with them using the service’s virtual chat technology. Social networking sites usually utilize communication techniques similar to those in chat rooms and on message boards.

Taking the Next Step:

New technology now allows computer users to chat with other users in real time. Online chat worlds have been created where users interact with each other and the virtual environment. These users no longer have to wait for a response when they post a comment. Interaction in the realm of virtual worlds is instantaneous.

As with other virtual chat worlds it is important to find a virtual reality service that offers what you want. If you are looking for simulated real life experiences do not sign on for a fantasy virtual world.

Upon joining this type of virtual chat world you will be required to create an avatar. Your avatar is a representation of yourself and can be as creative as you are. You will use your avatar to interact with other site users.

Virtual reality also allows you to interact with the virtual environment. You can own land, get a job, showcase your talents, and enjoy a virtual life. To experience all that virtual chat worlds have to offer you will want to join a virtual reality service.

David Domenech-Foix loves everything about virtual worlds. He runs a very popular website called Virtual Worlds Info and it can be found at http://www.virtualworldsinfo.com
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