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Malaga Vacation Travel Tips

By: Garcia Magallanes

Travel Spot Malaga is home in southern Spain in the province of Andalusia along the Mediterranean. The entire area encompasses over 7,276M square meters. The entire region is more beautiful than you can imagine until you land and begin to explore. There are majestic mountains, valleys, and rivers not to mention the magnificent sunrises and sunsets that can be embraced over the Mediterranean. The region is divided into five areas including the Ronda, La Axarquia, Guadalhorce, Antequera, and Costa del Sol.

Many visitors travel to Malaga throughout the year, as the average temperature is around 66 degrees Fahrenheit making it perfect both summer and winter with an average of 325 days of sunshine to enjoy. As a matter of fact, European visitors list Malaga in their top 10 favorite holiday destinations.

Costa del Sol is the main tourist attraction encompassing the region from Calahonda to Torremolinos, which is the region that is less populated and has a terrain that is unspoiled with small towns dotting the countryside. For those that wish to enjoy a more natural setting and a beautiful drive from town to town, then Costa del Sol will give you just what you desire in a Malaga vacation. The best way to travel throughout all of Malaga is with Malaga car hire. This will save you money in the long run covering hiring a taxi as well as give you the chance to explore all the cities that dot the countryside in the Costa del Sol including Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, La Cala de Mijas, Riviera del Sol, Calahonda all located along the Mediterranean.

All over Malaga, you will be able to find wonderful things to do on vacation that the entire family will enjoy. Malaga car hire will of course be the best for your family as you will be able to create an itinerary that will allow everyone to explore the possibilities and have more fun instead of waiting around on transportation to the various sights, entertainment, and activities you wish to include on your vacation.

Golf is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy with over 60 golf courses and has been rated as one of the best places in the world for golf tourism and even received the a noted 4th place for best golf destinations by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators in 2004. A couple of the most popular golf courses in the Costa del Sol region are Miraflores Golf and Baviera Golf.

After exploring the region on your own with a Malaga car hire and enjoying a round or two of golf, you may be ready to enjoy some family time. Malaga has many family activities such as beaches, water parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, natural parks, and theaters that are sure to spark the interest of your family. If you happen to have left the kids at home, you may even enjoy the nightlight around Malaga or try your luck at a casino.

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