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Tourist Spots in Jaipur

By: David Urmann

Travel Spot Jaipur is best known for its popular places and tourists spots that attract tourists. There are actually many of them, ranging from forts, temples, monuments and many more. Some of the more popular attractions are discussed here.

Hawa Mahal

This is a palace in the ‘pink city,’ this where people like to think that dreams come true. The beautiful sight that beholds the visitors is beyond imagination that no words could ever describe. It was Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh who built this place in 1799. It is adjoined to the very famous City Palace.

Hawa Mahal is shaped like a pyramid. It is five storeys high and has become the part of the major landmarks of Jaipur. This palace has many small windows and screens, plus arched roofs. One may observe the lack of ornamentation because it is very plain. But that is just one side of the palace. On the other side are the more intricate carvings. It draws much attention from many people. Even the backside has more mass of pillars and passages.

The Hawa Mahal was built at the time when women of royal families were not allowed to watch the various activities on the streets like procession. This tradition is called the purdah. The palace was said to be built for the royal family’s ladies to see such activities even without showing themselves to the public. At least through this, they can enjoy even by watching.

Hawa Mahal Palace is a good example of Rajputana architecture, greatly influenced to Mughal style. Many want to see this palace in the morning because of the fantastic images formed by the morning sun.

The Laxmi Narayan Temple

This is a tourist spot in the south of Jaipur, built by the famous industrialist family of India – Birla family. This temple is also called the Birla Mandir in honor of the Birla family.

Laxmi Narayan is close to Moti Doongri Fort. The temple keeps the secular nature of the country. It has three domes that represent the three different religious approaches. This white marbled temple seems to glow at night, and many tourists flock at this time.

It is normally crowded in times of festivities because more Hindus are coming from all over the state. This temple was made for Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. This is where it got its new name – the Laxmi Narayan.

If planning a vacation to Jaipur, never bypass the Laxmi Narayan temple or the Birla Mandir. The Jaipur experience is not complete without seeing these.

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh

This is one beautiful lush green garden originally built for the wife of Sawai, Jai Singh. His wife’s name was Sisodia, from Udaipur. The garden has a Mughal touch. It is a multi level garden having water channels, fountains and painted pavilions of stylish designs.

Visitors of this garden are taken back to the romantic days of Sawai and Sisodia as they stroll along the pathwalks, and relishing the beautiful sight before them.

Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh has a beautiful landscape where a cool breeze and fresh air freely enters. It was said to be created to melt the homesickness of the queen, but others think that it was done for the queen to be able to escape the court intrigues that was against her. Whatever reason it is, the garden has the most magnificent beauty and charm to offer its visitors. The landscape exemplifies the creativity and skills of those who built it.

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