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Real Time Forex News Alerts For Major Currencies

By: Pete Miguel

Stocks, Bond and Forex Real time forex news alerts show how global the financial crisis affects every major currency. Australian dollar is optimistic on keeping itself from recession. Although, reports are showing very slow come back from big blows. Unemployment rise with the loss of approximately 18,000 jobs. Business confidence is still down, record low, as well as consumer confidence. Good news is unheard for except for the slight increase in risk appetite. If this risk appetite is not sustained, Australia may face the recession sooner than expected.

The Japanese Yen recently lost track of the movements of the over risky assets. It has shown no significant movement even though the price changes in over a week. Real time forex news alerts is still wondering on how long the Japanese yen will last. Their domestic spending is showing very little movement. Both consumer and business confidence shows no sign of improvement. Some good news shows capital spending on safe investments that has at least break even results.

Euro, on the other hand, is showing promising signs of slight improvement. Though, there is no clear picture of the improvements, some would imply that it will come from stabilizing the Euro. This is a small step up if one is to consider the broader Euro zone. Business and consumer sentiment is still said to be bleak. The eyes are still focused on the financial market, whether they are to take the risks or not. Real time forex news alerts are sure to be hanging on to any news for Euro.

Swiss francs surprised real time forex news alerts when it emerged as the 'best performing major currency'. When inflation was controlled to nearly no movement, the consumer confidence was heightened. Although, their unemployment also reached a three-year high. Their export market slowed down, especially in US and Europe, so it is just a matter of time that their trading terms to hit low.

The New Zealand dollar is showing poor growth, but is hopeful that it can persuade the risk appetite. If they can persuade their markets' risk appetite they can stop the currency exchange rate from falling, which hit its seven-year low last week. Another blow was received as the retail industry hit record -low as consumers cut back on entertainment, so is true with South Pacific countries as well.

US dollar is keeping real time forex news alerts amazed. With their government's efforts to boost their consumer confidence, it has been showing more positive outlook on its way out of recession. There may have been downbeat like the consumer confidence drop and the unexpected jobless claims of about 623,000. The Obama administration is gathering up consumer confidence with the passing of his Stimulus bill. This is expected to boost the consumer and business confidence. All the other currencies are watching the movement of US dollar because of it.

As of this month, real time forex news alerts show interest rate for US dollar and GBP slightly went up. Euro, Japanese Yen and NZ dollar showed very little decline. Other major currency stayed the same.

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